Buckeye Hub focuses on safety promotion

 USEFUL TECHNOLOGY—Jeff Charles right, director of operations at Buckeye Bahamas shared how useful technology has become in the day-to-day operations at that industrial facility.

Buckeye Bahamas Hub is continuing its mission of promoting safety first.

This was emphasized by Director of Operations Jeff Charles at the 2018 Grand Bahama Technology Summit which took place last week at the Grand Lucayan.

According to  Charles, the company has “many pieces of technology to ensure safety because there is a commitment to preventing hazards to the public, to the environment, and to Buckeye’s facilities.”

“First and foremost, one of the things that we do is make sure we keep our employees safe and the community safe, and the environment safe. Early detection is key and also we use our tools.

Charles furthered that they have a lot of early detection systems. He also shared that Buckeye had tools for the tanks. We utilize drone technology.

“We are able to use that (drone) on inspections in some of our facilities. We can actually use it for search and rescue in our facilities and to respond to events,” he said.

Buckeye’s booth at the summit also showed attendees how the tanks operated to keep all the products inside so that there are no negative issues.

Charles furthered that it was important for Buckeye to participate in the summit this year, to become more involved in the community.

“We want to be a part of the community and this is a big initiative for all of The Bahamas. So, we definitely want to make sure that we are supporting that. We have a lot of technology that can be used in different locations so we want to participate in sharing,” he said.

He noted that Buckeye aims to stay ahead of all the technological advances so that the company remains competitive in the market while keeping the community safe.

Buckeye Bahamas is the leading hub in the Caribbean region and the largest petroleum products terminal in the Western Hemisphere. Buckeye Bahamas Hub currently has over 26 million barrels of storage capacity and eight berths, including two VLCC-capable berths.

Storage includes capacity for crude oil, fuel oil and VGO, diesel fuel, and gasoline and components.

Buckeye is known for conducting programs dedicated to safety.

Early this year Buckeye held a Mutual Aid Industrial Fire Safety Training Program that was open to several companies throughout the community, inclusive of the Grand Bahama Power Co. Ltd., Grand Bahama Shipyard Co. Ltd., Statoil South Riding Point Bahamas, Grand Bahama International Airport Co. Ltd. and PharmaChem Technologies/Syntex Co. Ltd.  

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