BTC saves 32 percent in energy consumption with local alternative energy business

SOLAR THERMX TECHNOLOGY INSTALLED AT BTC FACILITIES – PowerPlus Bahamas has a distribution agreement with technology partner SOLXENERGY to install its Therm/X products in The Bahamas. The Solar Thermx AirConditioning System was installed at BTC’s JFK and Camperdown facilities in 2015 and significantly reduced the corporation’s energy costs. (Photos courtesy of PowerPlus Bahamas for Barefoot Marketing)

Energy costs remain high and continue to rise for many CARICOM countries, including The Bahamas. Many are now embracing alternative energy and energy conservation measures to help offset these costs. PowerPlus Bahamas, a Bahamian owned Alternative Energy Business and their group of international partners (GENPRO Energy, GREEN ENERGY SERVICES, GREENFIRE Capital, POWERSHAVER, SOLARCOOL Caribbean, and SOLXENERGY) are providing unique and exclusive alternative products for many businesses looking to reduce their daily operating expenses.

Recently, PowerPlus introduced and implemented LED Lighting and Solar Thermal Air Conditioning Technology (THERMX) to12 Bahamas Telecommunications Co. (BTC) facilities. Implementation of these technologies resulted in an average 32 percent reduction of energy consumption for each of these buildings over a two-year period. BTC’s Camperdown facility in Nassau achieved a 40 percent reduction and all the buildings combined resulted in a return on investment of 2.1 years.

BTC Cable and Wireless Vice President of Engineering Robert Williams, at the time, was impressed with the results, “We utilized the Soldier Road facility as our pilot project. PowerPlus projected a 51 percent daytime efficiency, but they actually achieved 63 percent.”

PowerPlus Bahamas validates every technology they introduce to provide the best solutions for their customers. “We launched in 2011 with the goal to provide the highest quality products, use the most knowledgeable industry leaders, and provide solutions that make sense for our clients’ business and their budget,” explained PowerPlus Sales and Technical Consultant, Greg Uptagrafft. “Our exclusive relationships with international companies has given our clients access to cutting edge technology at very affordable pricing.”

The company which has worked throughout the islands introducing energy saving technology to commercial businesses, and teaching energy conservation, uses a simple method to help businesses understand this new technology, “Reduce Before You Produce,” Uptagrafft explained. “We encourage our customers to let us do the hard work for them and refuse to sell them solutions that do not work.”

PowerPlus successfully introduced and implemented energy saving technologies to numerous businesses including The Grand Bahama Shipyard, Bahamas Electricity Corporation, Abaco Beach Resort, Grand Bahama Port Authority, Kelly’s Freeport Ltd., and Dolly Madison Home Centre.

PowerPlus Bahamas is currently working on a new project in Freeport slated for early 2019. Their customer will incorporate ThermX Technology on one of its two 60-ton chillers, to reduce the client’s air conditioning costs. “At the end of the day and with up to date technologies, we are here to help the bottom line,” noted Uptagrafft. Furthermore; ThermX technology is classified as Solar Air Conditioning and currently classified for ZERO percent duty, again helping the bottom line.

PowerPlus Bahamas has representatives in both Grand Bahama and New Providence. For more information on PowerPlus Bahamas or their EXCLUSIVE ThermX technology visit or

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