BTC a leader in supporting women

Sponsors – BTC was a title sponsor of this year’s FIDA Conference. In addition to providing delegates with Free WiFi and gift bags for visiting delegates but aldo access to an onsite BTC pop-up shop with phone and Internet accessories. (Photo Courtesy of BTC for Barfoot Marketing)

A BTC Release

The Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) was well represented during the International Federation of Lawyers (FIDA) convention recently in Grand Bahama.

BTC’s Northern Vice President, Eldri-Ferguson Mackey, was a guest speaker at the third day of sessions at the 36th Triennial International Convention, at which over 70 FIDA affiliated nations were represented during the five-day conference, inclusive of Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Cameroon, Colombia, India, Kenya, Ghana, Taiwan, The Philippines, Switzerland, The United Kingdom, The United States and Uganda.
Ferguson-Mackey spoke to delegates on the theme ‘The Innovative Global Techie: Technology and Communication in the 21st Century’ highlighting the role which women play in the technology industry.

“To quote Hillary Clinton, ‘Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world’, now with the use of technology, women and girls have the power to deliver on their talents,” explained Mackey.
Mackey went on to give a historical perspective of women in the technology field and the leadership role which BTC as a company has played in propelling women and girls to the forefront of the industry.
“BTC has proven its commitment to the development and success of women in technology. The women on our team have consistently proven their value and abilities in the field and they have been consistently rewarded for those efforts” she said.

“The Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) also jumped at the opportunity to assist the local FIDA chapter in Grand Bahama in pulling off the international event. In addition to financial assistance, the team provided all delegates FREE Wi-Fi access for the duration of the conference, 300 gift bags for visiting delegates, 15 dongles (phone internet accessories), as well as access to an on-site BTC Pop Up Shop.

“BTC’s support of this event has been invaluable, not only the injection of cash but the numerous items “in kind”, which we would have not had the resources to provide,” said FIDA Committee Member Petra Hanna-Adderley.

“The company also allowed us the use of the BTC courtesy van for courtesy calls for our visiting dignitaries,” said Hanna-Adderley.

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