BNT and Renu Day Spa forge partnership

BNT AND RENU DAY SPA FORGE PARTNERSHIP – Officials of Bahamas National Trust (BNT) recently announced that Renu Day Spa is now a proud corporate member of the BNT. Pictured from left to right are Jinnel Sturridge, BNT Membership Officer, Grand Bahama; Krystle Smith, Co-owner of Renu Day Spa and Ellsworth Weir, BNT Parks Manager, Grand Bahama. (PHOTO: JAIMIE SMITH)

Krystle Smith, co-owner and Esthetician at Renu Day Spa, recently accepted documents signifying the spa’s official Bahamas National Trust (BNT) membership.

Excited about the spa’s enrollment, Smith said, “We are truly happy to become a part of BNT in such a way, because it all ties into wellness. It will allow our clients to also experience nature and relaxation in a different atmosphere, versus being indoors. They will now be able to experience more outdoor activity. Likewise, their members will now be able to come into our spa and take advantage of our services, such as massages, Reiki, facials … whatever it may be, to incorporate wellness in its entirety.

“I think this is a great partnership, it goes hand-in-hand when you look at the entire picture. I think more businesses on the island need to network, so that we can enhance the overall wellness of the community.”

Last month the BNT spearheaded a National Parks Day initiative, geared toward highlighting protected parks throughout the country. Renu Day Spa played an integral role in the event, offering a number of their services, on site, at the Lucayan National Park.

“The event was well received and I am sure that their members appreciated it,” said Smith referring to the services offered at Park Day. “It allowed us to showcase our services to the residents of Grand Bahama, a get-a-way where they can come to and relax.

“I am looking forward to working with BNT in the future, to offer more mobile massage services so that our customers and the wider community of Grand Bahama can continue to experience relaxation in a natural setting. It all ties together in the end. I am glad that we had the opportunity to be a part of that and I hope that it continues throughout the year and in years to come,” concluded Smith.

Jinnel Sturridge, BNT Membership Officer, Grand Bahama Branch noted the significance of welcoming Renu Day Spa as a corporate sponsor.

“For BNT, we are seeking to become more involved in the community in Grand Bahama to not only spread more awareness about our National Parks, but also about taking care of our environment as a whole. We saw Renu Day Spa as an entity that is involved in beautifying the person as a whole and we think that if they not only took pride in making you beautiful, they would also be interested in making sure everything is beautiful.

“Renu Day Spa is a great partner that has come on board with the BNT. They are going to be assisting us in spreading more awareness throughout the community, about environmental impacts, how to protect the environment and how to keep your individual surroundings clean.

“As a corporate partner, Renu Day Spa will now become a reward trip partner for us. Now, BNT members, once they come into Renu Day Spa, they will receive a 10 percent discount on spa services. There is a personal benefit to us, as BNT members,” revealed Sturridge.

“We want to continue to spread the information about protecting our National Parks. We have three on Grand Bahama – the Rand Nature Center, the Lucayan National Park and Peterson Cay. For the Rand Nature Center and the Lucayan National Park, we want to get more Bahamians in those parks so that they can understand that it is not just protected and there for them to look at, it can also be a place for leisure, a place for your family and kids, a place for anyone to go, any day, just to have a relaxing time,” noted Sturridge.

Noting that National Parks Day was a huge success, Sturridge said, “We really want to thank Renu Day Spa for coming on board as a partner for that event. They had a mobile massage station and yoga sessions as well.

“National Parks Day was held at the Lucayan National Park, so it was a really great partnership to have them there, to show persons one of the ways that they can enjoy a National Park. It not only serves as an outdoor classroom, but as stated earlier, for leisure and relaxation as well.”

Persons interested in becoming members of the BNT are welcome to visit the Rand Nature Center on Cathedral Boulevard (East Settler’s Way).

“Membership is the lifeblood of the BNT; without our members the parks would not be able to remain open. Memberships are how we keep the parks open. With Renu Day Spa coming on board, it will allow us to take care of the parks even more and have them there for future generations,” added Sturridge.

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