AML Foods makes monetary gesture to Falcon’s Boys Club

AML FOODS DONATES TO FALCONS BOYS CLUB: Darrin Rolle (center), Director, Falcons Boys Club, kindly accepted a monetary donation from Abaco Markets Limited (AML) Foods to assist the program that has mentored young boys within the community for over 20 years. Pictured from left to right are: Tanya Russell, Human Resource Manager, AML Foods Limited, Rolle, and Daneisha Clarke, Marketing Representative, AML Foods Limited. (PHOTO: JAIMIE SMITH)

Abaco Markets Limited (AML) Foods demonstrated a commitment to the community empowerment recently (this past Wednesday) by making a monetary donation to The Falcons Boys Club, to assist in the continuing efforts to mold and positively impact the future men of tomorrow.

According to Tanya Russell, Human Resources Manager, AML Foods Limited, the company strives to assist organizations such as The Falcons Boys Club whenever possible.

“At AML Foods, we are always looking within the community for various entities, especially charitable places, where we can make a donation. The Falcons Boy’s Club was recommended to us and we gladly complied with the recommendation.

“We are quite aware of what Mr. Darrin Rolle (Director, Falcons Boys Club) does with the Falcon’s Boys Club, especially with our young men in the community. We thought it fitting to give this donation to their club so that they could continue to progress and help our young people.

“We pray that the Falcons Boys Club will continue to do what they are doing; helping our young men to come off of the streets and be productive in our community so that we can have a brighter future for our young people,” stated Russell.

The Falcons Boys Club has been in existence since 1997 and was established by Rolle with the assistance of Oswald Simmons, and Kirkwood Young, all of whom were teachers at Tabernacle Baptist Christian Academy.

During that time the mentoring group has positively impacted over 2,400 young men throughout the community and continues to do so, many of whom have become successful productive citizens of the country, and are now, leaders in their own rights. Many are now employed at various industrial centers on the island, while others are employed within various Governmental departments such as Bahamas Customs, Bahamas Immigration, The Royal Bahamas Police Force, among others. Accepting the donation on the club’s behalf Rolle acknowledged the importance of assistance.
“One of the things that we believe is that community involvement is not done in isolation. I am so thankful for AML Foods and Mrs. Russell and her team, for partnering with the Falcon’s Boys Club.

“It takes a village to raise a child and we are a part of this village called Grand Bahama. It is a good opportunity for us to partner with organizations such as AML Foods, to continue to reach young men, to be able to pour into them,” noted Rolle.

He shared also that the Falcons Boys Club is now in the process of building a community center for boys, of which the ground-breaking ceremony took place in May. Acknowledging that accumulating the funding, of more than $300,000.00, is a mammoth task, they are indeed up to the challenge, to assist even more young men within the community.

“We are up to the task and I hope that AML Foods Limited donation can be the start of something big. In the future, whenever they feel that they are looking for a good organization, like they have always been doing, throughout the island of Grand Bahama, to support, I believe that the Falcon’s Boys Club would be such an organization.

“The Falcons Boys Club believes that Grand Bahama has a lot of young men who are doing positive things within the community and this will continue to help us to do what we are doing, as far as young men are concerned. I think this year alone we have seen about 11 young boys who have been part of our program, receive scholarships, to actually go off to school. We have had several meetings to try and continue to get more relationships with international schools, to be able to reach out to them.

“I am truly thankful to them (AML Foods), for doing what they have been able to do. This is a very good gesture. I was surprised when I got the phone call several days ago, to come and collect this today. I wished them every success. They are a staple in our community and I believe one that the community benefits from, with the various things that they do as a company.

“I am thankful to Mr. (Franklyn) Butler II (Chairman, AML Foods), and the other team members who are responsible for the company, throughout the entire Bahamas, for what they do for people in general, but what they do for young men in particular. Several of our former club members are actually employees here. We are just so thankful for this opportunity,” concluded the Falcon’s Boys Club Director.

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