Alpitour World arrives!

MORE GUESTS – Over 100 passengers arrived at the Grand Ba- hama International Airport on the inaugural ight arrival of the Alpitour World newest Dreamliner. Ministry of Tourism and government officials were on had to greet and welcome the guests to the island. (Photos: Courtesy of the Ministry of Tourism)

Alpitour World’s newest Boeing 787 Dreamliner flight arrived in Grand Bahama for the first time on Thursday (June 21) with over 100 passengers in tow.

Ellison “Tommy” Thompson, Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Tourism, expressed pleasure in the new airlift.
“It’s the newest airline working for Alpitour. That’s the only tour operator we work with in Italy,” he said.
He furthered that Alpitour has extended their tour program this summer, which provided an additional three rotations to Grand Bahama.

“The program is doing extremely well, so we are very happy about that,” he said.

Thompson also revealed that each flight carries approximately 120 passengers. This program to The Bahamas began on May 17 and ends on September 6.

He noted that these flight rotations will contribute to the local economy.

“The good thing about the Italians is that they like to explore. They’re not going to stay at the club. They’re going to go on the tours and move around the island and give some well needed financial input into the island,” he said.

Thompson disclosed that while Grand Bahama is struggling in the tourism sector, numbers have increased in Nassau, New Providence, Paradise Island and the Family Islands. thus the arrival on Thursday was important.

“We continue to struggle in Grand Bahama and we will until we get the Grand Lucayan property up and running. In the meantime the Ministry of Tourism in Grand Bahama continues to work with international partners. Also, I encourage Bahamians to make sure that guests do enjoy their experience in Grand Bahama, to further promote tourism on island.
Karen Seymour, Director for Ministry of Tourism in Grand Bahama also spoke on the flight’s arrival.

“The flight comes in every Thursday, scheduled to bring in 100 passengers a week. Although the flight itself is new, this is the program’s fifth Summer. The significance of European visitors is that they typically stay for seven to 12 days.

“In this particular incidence they are doing one week or two week rotations,” she said.

The company will once again partner with Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach Resort in hosting all Alpitour customers that visit the island.

The Tourism officials insist that the three-fold partnership between Alpitour World, Viva Wydham Fortuna Beach, and the Ministry of Tourism & Aviation has proved to be a winning venture, and that business owners on Grand Bahama Island can readily seek to benefit from Italian commerce while securing the island as a destination of choice within The Bahamas.

Several weeks ago, another tour operator begun its rotations to Grand Bahama as well.

The Atlanta based tour operator, Vacation Express, known for its exclusive, non-stop flights and affordable all-inclusive vacation packages, returned to Grand Bahama Island with additional flight services beginning Thursday May 24, 2018.

Vacation Express will be conducting four day rotations from eight gateways in the United States (U.S.).
Flights from Detroit, Chicago, Nashville, Pittsburgh, Newark, Baltimore, Cincinatti, and Dallas will be operated by Swift Air LLC on a Boeing 737-300 aircraft.

Each flight was scheduled to operate on a four-night rotation, departing various days of the week with early departures and late returns for an optimal vacation experience.

Three months prior to their arrival the government was in negotiations with Sunwing Airlines.
The flight brought 150 passengers who will stay for four-nights here in Grand Bahama.

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