Aliv vibrant at age 3!

The management and staff of Aliv came together to celebrate the company’s 3rd anniversary here on Grand Bahama and throughout the Bahamas. Allison Levarity along with the executive team of Aliv Grand Bahama cut a cake to mark the 3rd anniversary. (PHOTO: JENNEVA RUSSELL)

This year has been one of expansion for telecommunication company, Aliv, which celebrated their third year of service in grand style recently, Monday, November 11.

The executive team invited employees from various departments to assemble in the corporate office and they were treated to an e brunch. During the gathering, there was a live presentation by CEO, Damian Blackburn who gave an overview of the company’s accomplishment since its launch in 2016.

Aliv reached a unanimous increase in its customer base, accumulating over 170,000 clients and as another year has rolled in, Blackburn announced the newly built network also gained a 37 percent share of revenue, employing over 300 Bahamians locally. He boasted that Aliv is a 190-million-dollar network investment and will always be an established competitor.

“When we first set out our vision of what Aliv would be, the reason we could’ve done that, and having being tested in the most terrible of times, was because the Aliv team committed to four fundamental pillars that represent the brand. We promised we would bring a world class network to the people of the Bahamas. We promised cutting edge innovation and not just innovation for innovation sake, but innovation that makes a difference to the way that people consume our service, interact with us and live their lives.

“We have been striving for the best in class customer service and in customer experiences that are second to none, and, we wanted to do things that were meaningful in our engagement with our community partners. We’ve built amazingly strong partnerships over the last three years and they have been loyal to us and we have been loyal to them and it has been fantastic to see all of the wonderful things happen right here in The Bahamas, as we’ve gone on the Aliv journey.

“We now have more than 170,000 customers. We also created jobs for over 300 Bahamians and we invested 190 million dollars in acquiring the license and building the world class infrastructure platform that Aliv operates on. Already in our third year, we have 37 percent revenue shared that we have estimated, but we still have more to go and we still have a long way to go to achieve the full vision here at Aliv. However, we are well on our way with revenue.

“The last three years has basically been four phases,” expressed the CEO. The first phase in year one, that was the launched was the frenetic days, coming in this building and standing on plastic chairs before this beautiful office really existed in the format it does now; dreaming big and aiming high; and at all times trying to do things to the best of our ability. It was an incredible achievement just to launch the brand and the brand was revealed here (Nassau) for the very first time on November 11, exactly three years ago.

“You all know the Aliv story at this stage. The day that we picked the name the word Aliv was the weekend that Muhammad Ali passed away. We walked pass this amazing hall everyday along with many others around this building. We took a risk, but we accomplished something. We are not done yet, but we are accomplishing growth now and that is an amazing thing,” he added.

Year two was particular promises regarding a world class network were made and the connection with consumers was strengthened in that, according to Blackburn, it was laid out in the message that Alive was a company for everybody.

“We launched lots of products into the corporate market and into the wildest broad band market bringing internet to those especially on the Family Islands, who had not been able to get quality internet before and that was a critical thing for those people. Finally, at the end of year two, we launched the consumer postpaid market and along the way we revolutionized things like roaming.

“We built 243 network sites. The first four islands were about 130 sites and we needed to double the number of sites to cover the other seven percent of population in the Bahamas, but we did what we had to do because it was the right thing.

“Lastly, pretty much from the launch, Bahamians have been able to use that beautiful Aliv service in over 200 countries, paying free and with the same quality of service you get here in the Bahamas. We of course can’t speak for everybody’s network in the 200 countries, but for those of us who roam, we all know how good the Aliv network is because we get frustrated when we are on other networks around the world that are not functioning the way we expect,” he stated.

Year three has seen a focus of rapid growth. It was the building from the foundation for the first two years.

“First, we asked in our year of focus for all those who already believe in Aliv to tell all the other Bahamians to believe in the best. 

“There is nothing better in life that demonstrates you are doing a good job, like customers giving their hard earn money to buy your product and service. That is always the test that we need to remember. We have produced a brand here in The Bahamas built by Bahamians and that is the best in the world,” concluded the Aliv CEO.

Aliv Senior Director of Customer Experience, Alison Levarity concurred with her CEO and informed that the company is one that listens closely to the opinion of ts customers.

“We are very big on follow ups and touching the customers because their voice matters. We have done market research in trying to figure out what the customer wants and we are listening. So when you call into our call center or our customer center, we listen to what it is that you ask us to do to fulfill that need. It is not just a call for us, we want to make sure that you are good and so we are listening. When you come into our store and you tell us about a product that doesn’t work, we quickly remove that product because we are interested in what the customer has to say and we are here to serve the Bahamian people,” said Levarity..

Senior Aliv executive, Talia Davis cheerfully said “we are so excited to celebrate our third anniversary.

“I have been here from inception and I watched the company grow from then to now, into something that has been unspeakable and unthinkable.

“It is amazing what our team has done, and it is amazing what our team has accomplished, even, through the storm. We are so happy and thankful to Aliv, its gold members and our senior management team.

 “We employed 300 plus Bahamians and It’s good for competition to be in The Bahamas and that is what Aliv is.

“Our network works,” she said.

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