Aliv set to launch latest project in 2019

Believing in giving back to its customers and transforming the digital community in The Bahamas, Aliv recently announced its new project called AlivCreates, which should launch sometime in 2019.

Representatives from the company provided this daily with details of the newest venture.

AlivCreates is made up of the Discover App - a wayfinding tourist map coupled with augmented reality, which combines the power of real world experience with virtual reality to emancipate the millions of visitors to The Bahamas.

The Together App is intended not only to dramatically increase the reach of local charities and nonprofit organizations through crowd fund-raising, but to bring transparency, structure and actual dollars to communities in need.

This platform will allow community organizations to form tighter bonds with their supporters and similarly will give reward and recognition persons whose mission is to give to those in need.

Smart Health will connect the unconnected. Patients from Inagua to the Abacos can triage their conditions using artificial intelligence, book and dialogue with medical care professionals and for the first time in Bahamian history, be able to find the best fit location and wait time before rushing out to the emergency room.

Chief Aliv Commercial Officer, Gravette Brown stated that with more apps to come in the space of education and entertainment and with more B2B partnerships in the works, AlivCreates has affixed to its framework a professionally managed internationally renowned business accelerator.

“This is planned for launch in 2019 and will be the first of its kind with an online curriculum aimed at putting viable business ideas and opportunities through a rigorous training and fund-raising exercise,” she said.

Brown explained that AlivCreates is a technology-driven incubation hub for enterprises and expanding startups, built on top of Aliv’s digital platform, communication system and powerful data warehouse.

“I want to thank everyone for coming,” she said. “I especially want to thank all the staff and consultants at Aliv that were so involved in the special announcement. There are reasons that we continue to create great products at Aliv. There are reasons why we continue to make all our customers happy and it really rests upon the hard work and dedication of our team.”

Launched in April, The List – also in the AlivCreates platform - allows Aliv customers to receive rewards from participating partners available through the MyAliv App. The reward categories are: Essentials, Bites, Experiences and Journeys.

Chief Aliv Officer (CAO) Damian Blackburn, has said in the past that Aliv continuously promises to bring exciting new innovative solutions to the market to benefit the customer and now is the time to reward the customer for believing in those solutions.

“We’ve invested hundreds of millions of dollars building two world class LTE networks and this is going to now allow our customers to reap the rewards simply by being an active Aliv customer. We want to be able to keep our customers happy and The List will be the first of many programs that will do just that,” he said.

For more information about AlivCreates, persons can visit

Aliv is igniting the cellular revolution in The Bahamas and is reinventing how consumers interact with their mobile devices. A true digital lifestyle partner, the Aliv network is built on next generation LTE technology to ensure an unsurpassed consumer experience.

With groundbreaking consumer plans, and a laser focus on exemplary customer care, Aliv is determined to deliver a never before seen experience for the people of The Bahamas.

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