ALIV, DHL team up for joint service

Partnership – DHL Express Country Manager Loukishia Cooper (Left) is pictured with ALIV New Providence General Manager Patrice Thompson (Right)

Nassau, The Bahamas – ALIV continues to solidify its presence in the corporate arena by providing innovative experiences and the latest in technology. In this vein, the telecommunications company most recently partnered with DHL Express to provide the courier service with additional export outlets. The first service offering of its kind in The Bahamas, customers are now able to walk into any ALIV flagship store to ship items through DHL.

ALIV New Providence General Manager Patrice Thompson said the partnership is an innovative one that shows how ALIV continues to be the frontrunner in much more than technology.

“Offering this service through our storefronts in partnership with the worlds’ global market leader in the logistics industry speaks volumes to what we at ALIV are capable of. Here at ALIV we are more than just a telecommunications company and with every innovative initiative we prove that,” she said.

“DHL aims to provide its customers with the latest and most efficient means of shipping and tracking. ALIV likewise aims to provide its subscribers with the latest in technology and the best customer service experience in every area, this partnership will aim to provide all of this and more. We look forward to it and can’t wait for our subscribers to experience the partnerships as well.”

DHL Express Country Manager Loukishia Cooper said the partnership will demonstrate exceptional customer service for both DHL and ALIV consumers.

“Staying true to our reputation for speed, passion, teamwork and a can-do attitude, DHL Express has grown its retail footprint in The Bahamas by strategically partnering with BE ALIV Limited now allowing our customers to send international and local shipments alongside their usual offerings at any ALIV store. Our retail customers no longer have to sit in traffic to send a document or parcel but can literally find a DHL service point right around the corner,” she said.

“For example, an entrepreneur in Nassau can send a sample to a client in the U.S. from the same place he purchases a cellphone; a mother in Abaco is now able to ship a birthday gift to her son in France while she tops-up her mobile phone. We are happy about this partnership as we are working together to provide solutions to make life easier yet simple for our customers.”

Any individual wishing to ship items can now take those items into any ALIV Flagship store (excluding the Harbour Bay Store), have their items weighed, packaged and priced and paid for right at the ALIV counter. DHL representatives will pick up the packages from the ALIV store and ship the packages as usual. The same service is also available at ALIV stores in Grand Bahama and throughout the Family Islands.

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