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The most recent statistics out of the Bahamian Ministry of Health shows that 80 percent of our Bahamian children are overweight and that some 28.5 percent of that number are clinically obese.

When I graduated medical school in 1971, gout was a rare diagnosis in black people especially men. However, my first patient this morning was a man who ate spaghetti and meatballs and drank some alcohol over the weekend and his big toe was so painful that he literally cried like a baby.


The symptoms of gout are severe joint pains and though classically it may be in the hallux it may also affect any and every joint in all parts of the body. The symptoms of gout are more prominent at night and seem to occur suddenly and unexpectedly.

Women are just as affected as men but they are more likely to have pain in the knee, shoulder, and hand.

The condition called gout is a form of arthritis and results in such intense pain the effect of the inflammation makes it impossible to wear shoes. It is post-menopausal women who are actually equally affected as men. The younger child-bearing female seems less affected by this disease.

When I worked in Tanzania, Africa, Mwanza the prime minister's brother had taken a trip to California, and there he had a change of diet from the typical African plant based diet to a meat based banquet. He had fed sumptuously on Surf and Turf i.e. steak and lobster and so he got a double dose of the Holy Ghost. Lobster does it and so does steak. My advice then to those who tend to be lacking in the enzyme that causes gout are:

1. Eat NO red meat especially pork

2. Eat NO scavengers from the sea like lobster and conch

3. Drink lots of water especially alkaline, with ozone; and coconut water straight from the coconut.



Self-diagnosis of severe gout pain especially in the partying silly political season has lead one potential voter to have a uric acid of 12 ( when the normal reading is seven or less). So beware of the tendency to eat too much, especially red meat and drink too much especially alcohol like whiskey. Finally seek the attention of a competent doctor who will treat you holistically through medication, diet, and in many cases weight loss for obesity which is also a clarion call of the gout patient.


PS. I apologize to my readers. I was on vacation in Provo Turks and Caicos

Bahamians eat too much junk!

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