What is really important?

Vanity of vanity - all is vanity and striving after naught! These are the words of King Solomon as he looked back over his life as the richest, wisest man that ever lived. He had wisdom, knowledge and understanding but he lacked discernment.

Stress is the greatest of all killers in modern life and in our complex and complicated lifestyles. An acronym for stress is as follows:
S - triving
T - o
R - elieve
E - verydays
S - adness and
S - orrows
Bahamians, we need to take greater advantage of our beautiful island of Grand Bahama. Indeed we ought to appreciate our wonderful country with the clean air (non polluted) and our pristine beaches, with the white and sometimes pink sands. “IT’S BETTER IN THE BAHAMAS!” This is not just a slogan, but this is a natural fact of nature on planet Earth.

In our fast paced lives, we forget one of our dearest friends. We must stop imitating the “American way” of life (way of death), and slow down. Find peace - perfect peace - in God (JAAH-YAHWEH) nature, family and children, and in good health. Stop following S.A.D, the Standard American Diet. You are what you eat!

SHALLOM means that perfect peace that passes all understanding. Forty-five miles per hour - that is the maximum speed limit in our country, and it is so for a very good reason. That is why the tourists came here for our laid back way of life. Tell our youth to stop rushing to nowhere other than death, destruction and hell itself. Keep and respect the various speed limits - especially in school zones, in areas of homes and little children and most especially downtown on the zebra strips. Respect pedestrian crossings.

This used to be a fine feature of all Bahamians - but not any longer. I have recently purchased a home on Hawaii Avenue and my children enjoy the Seven Hills, so called on Leone Drive. A young female pulled out on us on Dominica Avenue without stopping or even slowing down. Thank God my car had good brakes!! Why are you rushing folks – wait on God! Good God will reduce the worry and stress of this wonderful life (to me) or miserable life said the singer. Stress is a killer - stress in a fast car is a murderer.

KISS: Keep It Simple Sweetie. Lets get back to the island way (not American way). Good food, good friends, good family, good health and good God!

LOVE: Love God, Love good family and children, love yourself and health, love nature, love your neighbor as yourself.

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