Us TOO group continues strong prostate cancer-related focus

Dr. Andrew Moxey

Prostate Cancer Awareness Month is fast approaching and Dr. Andrew Moxey, Us TOO Grand Bahama Chapter, during a press briefing held at the Chamber of Commerce recently, announced a list of activities planned for the designated September.

Supported by officials of the organization, which include Us TOO Screening Coordinator & Sponsorship Drive Chairman Don Mitchell, Treasurer Rev. Percy Kemp and Prostate Cancer survivor Alvin Dickenson, Dr. Moxey outlined this year’s plans and thanked the community for the unwavering support given to the group.

“For the past several years, Us TOO has been working diligently to bring life-saving information to the public as it regards support, education and advocacy with prostate cancer.

“As many are aware, Grand Bahama was devastated by Hurricane Matthew last October. However, it is a joy for Us TOO to extend heartfelt gratitude to many corporate sponsors whose generosity in the past and presently continues to propel our efforts throughout the community.

“Thanks to our sponsors, Us TOO is able to conduct free prostate cancer screenings and educational seminars despite the economic challenges recently experienced as a result of Hurricane Matthew.

“Both sponsorship and voluntarism extended to Us TOO has remained uninterrupted, or at least not to any significant degree, hence we pause to say ‘thank you’ to all.

“Among the list of activities scheduled to take place is Us TOO’s “Live With Hope” Town Meeting & Information Forum which will be held at Mary, Star of the Sea Auditorium beginning 7:00 p.m.. on Friday, September 8, featuring guest speaker Urologist Dr. Joseph Evans from New Providence. He has more than 30 years of experience and will deliver very interesting perspectives and insights regarding men and prostate health.

“Secondly, the 7th Annual Prostate Cancer Screening Clinic will be held over the course of two days kick-starting on Friday, September 15, beginning 5:00 p.m.. to 9:00 p.m., with registration set for 3:30 p.m. On Saturday, September 16, from 9:00 a.m.. to 5:00 p.m. registration, beginning 7:30 a.m. will take place at Pearce Plaza, Coral Road.

“Finally, Us TOO invites the public to join us on Sunday, September 24, beginning 2:00 p.m. at Ruby Swiss Restaurant for our Wrap-Up Luncheon, which promises to be fun, exciting and informative,” disclosed Dr. Moxey.

Grateful for the assistance given to Us TOO, particularly during the organization’s fund-raising golf tournament, Dr. Moxey noted that in spite of the issues that arose within the community, specifically as it relates to Hurricane Matthew, all members are sincerely appreciative that they were able to raise sufficient funds for a series of activities that focus on men’s prostate health.

Furthermore, he expressed excitement about the aforementioned activities and encouraged the public to continuously support Us TOO, noting that the organization diligently works to provide tips for healthy living inclusive of diet, exercise, early detection and as well as the treatment of prostate cancer.
Mitchell spoke to the significance of what Us TOO does in the community.

“Indeed we are very pleased with the response both from Corporate Grand Bahama and the men of the community for supporting and participating in the activities held by Us TOO during Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.
“Men from throughout the Grand Bahama community have come out in droves to be screened during our annual Prostate Cancer Screening Clinics, which have been held free of charge at Pearce Plaza for the past seven years, with each attendee undergoing PSA blood tests, DRE Exams, BMI Tests, cholesterol, blood pressure and glucose examinations.

“Annually, as the Us TOO Screening Coordinator & Sponsorship Drive Chairman, I speak with a cadre of doctors, including but not limited to urologists and phlebotomists as well as other medical professionals during the Rand Memorial Hospital Pre-Screening Meeting.

“Last year, there were 18 to 20 doctors volunteering their time and expertise to assist us with the screening clinic along with other aides and we certainly extend our appreciation to each and every one.
“Additionally, there is a myriad of medical professionals and individuals who have donated funds as well as equipment to aid the entire process. We can boast of having so many volunteers during each screening, that our workload is easier to bear.

“A few days prior to the screening, September, 12, beginning at 6:00 p.m., we are going to engage volunteers of the Us TOO Prostate Cancer Screening in a Training Workshop at the Grand Bahama Chamber of Commerce Building so as to better prepare them for the tasks ahead,” he said.

Normally, during the clinic, Us TOO screens between 500 and 600 men and according to Mitchell, last year screenings were conducted in September and December because the organization had discovered that some men missed the opportunity and they did not want to leave them out, Mitchell also pointed out.

The screening is just one of the processes men undergo to know their PSA levels as well as to detect, diagnose and treat prostate cancer. This process helps to save lives, hence the Us TOO officials encourage all to come out and avail themselves of the activities provided at the forums and Wrap Up Luncheon.

Personal stories of Prostate Cancer survivors will also be shared, further emphasizing the need for men to ensure that they take a proactive stance in monitoring their health.

Wives, mothers, daughters and friends are also encouraged to take advantage of the information provided by the Us TOO officials, as well as the Urologists Dr. Evans and Dr. Robin Roberts.

Mitchell noted that Us TOO, thanks to the generosity of corporate sponsors and individual donors, provides medical aid should men need to undergo a biopsy based on the results they receive and they cannot afford to do so.

“We take a man from the screening to a biopsy. In 2016-2017, Us TOO with the dedicated assistance of Dr. Roberts and a urologist from John Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland, was able to do six prostate cancer surgeries free of charge for men in Grand Bahama who could not ordinarily afforded such.

“Definitely we are going to try and continue doing this every year. We’ll try for at least six or eight because we have discovered that there are a lot of men who have have tested positive for prostate cancer. In fact, Us TOO conducted biopsies on 80 men and out of that seven men had to undergo surgery.

The primary aim, always, according to Mitchell is to capture the total picture of the cases.

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