The Silo Effect

This topic is very “hot” today as in more and more areas of life we find it to be relevant and important.


The TV show Carinene hosted by Bishop Gomez had a special guest Mr. Stubbs, and he, the very knowledgeable gentleman expressed his views that many of our Bahamian problems lie in the SILO EFFECT.


The medical schools are producing more and more doctors who are very myopic. The large pharmaceutical companies sponsor, and finance, many of the schools in the USA. Our medical school, UWI, was one of the first to implement “S&P” Social and Preventative Medicine. This subject is unknown in most American medical training. Nutrition, and the role of vitamins is also little studied from Vitamin A-B17 etc. There is also the isolation of Chiropractice (started by Canadian medical physician Dr. Daniele David Palmer. Naturopathic and herbalist doctors were even further removed from the Allopathic physician until the holistic movement initiated Integrated Medical Practice. Undoubtedly the Silo Effect must be removed, so that patients receive the best of all healing arts - combined.


I worked for two years in Tanzania and there, the President Julius Nyerere, who turned the several political parties into one African party. The country then (like Bahamas today), had a limited number of trained and able minded citizens who could network together to benefit the country as a whole. There was no longer the alienation of outstanding minds because of their political persuasions.

In The Bahamas today, the foolishness that we practice (changing PLP to FNM or even DNA every five years) causes tension in between close friends and family, just because one wears red, gold or green colors. This is counterproductive, because many of our best minds seemingly get put aside if their party is not in power. There is also a strong tendency toward insolation and isolation of up and coming genius youth. Then when you go to former Prime Minister Perry Christie’s house (a PLP leader), you find former Prime Minister Ingraham (a former FNM leader) boiling fish in the kitchen.



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