The mind

The mind can heal, the mind can hurt, having this mind in you which was in YAAHSHUA (Jesus).


We live at a time, and in a season, where people in modern society find themselves in low spirits, saddened, dejected, discouraged, and disheartened. This is even among persons of strong Christian beliefs who are normally positive and upbeat, because they are motivated and encouraged regularly at church and Bible meetings to see good in a world by a good God; they are spirit-minded. Money and financial failures are frequently depressing in a depressed economy, like Freeport, where things are “pop-down.”


The human brain is the physical structure that anatomically houses the mind. The brain and the mind, however, are not the same. In holistic medicine they are defined as three areas: spirit, mind and body. The human brain is an awesome thing, far surpassing any modern computer. Ironically, the mind only uses 10 percent of its brain capacity, and modern implements, like the cell, smartphone and laptops etc. are causing a vast decrease of our brain’s capacity and usage.


“The mind is a terrible thing to waste.” We hear as the motto of one of the black colleges in America. Be mindful that our human minds are the most powerful weapon we have. “What the mind can conceive, can be achieved.” The very words you speak come from your mind and your thoughts. They are both powerful.


Psychology and Psychiatry are two separate medical fields which deal with the human mind and behavior. For example, what could trigger a young popular actress to go and kill herself shortly after receiving a large sum of money? It was indeed huge! Psychology is the study of mental states of the mind and its processes. The psychiatrist is the medical doctor who analyses and treats mental processes often with drugs. The mind is a silent labyrinth of secrets. It is an amazing maze of mystery, because it is anatomically placed in the physical brain. The mind of Trump is diametrically different from the mind of Obama: though they both achieved the highest honor, as presidents of the great USA with their minds, the waves of their mental processes are uniquely different. “The mystery of the mind makes magical moments.”


Music makes the mind mystic and magical. From the mind of the Mighty, the Almighty One, came the wonderful words to create a wonderful world. The prime directive is “be fruit-FULL, multiply and replenish the earth.” So be fruit-Full Freeport - may your mind create a wonderful world for your family and friends…. especially “tomorrow’s children.” BAHAMAS DON’T WILLFULLY WASTE THE MIND OF MYSTERY GOD BLESSED YOU WITH. One love


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