The Foot

The human foot is a most unique organ, but it is perhaps also, the most abused of all anatomical parts. When we consider a child attempting to walk, it is amazing that it takes from nine to 12 months (sometimes more), when a young horse can walk immediately when it is born.

In the case of a horse, a horse shoe protects the horse’s hoof from the rigors of the road. In the case of human beings, however, women squeeze their feet into high heeled shoes often a half of size smaller. This results in corns and bunions, and a very common condition called Plantar Fasciitis. Women and men spend inordinate amounts of money on podiatrists and family physicians to correct problems of their own creation.

We are all aware of the effect that Michael Jordon and Shaquille ‘Shaq’ O’Neal have on the footwear of young people today. What you may not be aware of is that the Nike Company uses podiatrists and physical trainers, as well as medical specialists, to put their medical knowledge together to form what is perhaps the most perfect footwear for all people in daily living. This originally began, because many basketball players were hobbled by the condition plantar fasciitis.

Running up and down on a hard-concrete floor, repeatedly, night-after-night had resulted in many very rich young players having to retire from the game they love and made their living because of inappropriate footwear. We cannot all forget the black top Converse shoe.

Boston Celtics, who have won more championships than any other team, put in a wooden parquet floor that was padded underneath the foundation to alleviate the many foot and ankle problems that were observed week-by-week on television. Other companies attempted to redesign the tennis shoe for basketball players, but it was Nike who used their professional persons to specifically design a basketball shoe. When I stood next to Shaq while he played in Orlando and looked at his size 23 foot, it was evident to me as a physician that the time, effort and money put into redesigning a more proper footwear was necessary to give these athletes a longer, healthier professional life.

Dress Shoe
When one looks at the Oscars, with men and women dressed in garments worth thousands of dollars, one is often surprised to look down on the Red Carpet and find that they are wearing Nike footwear. The podiatrists have, over the years, repeatedly attempted to show women that the beauty of the shoes they wore (particularly stiletto heels) created unnecessary work for them and in some cases, created foot diseases that could not be corrected.

Foundation - the Foot - “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet!”

These words, though coming from the Bible, are very pertinent to the medical field. The foundation of the whole skeleton, 261 bones, is based on healthy feet. I do not decry women going to work and looking sexy, but I would advise every woman, to take a pair of Nike shoes with them and wear that all day while running upstairs etc.

God made the foot, appropriately, to carry us over grass, sand and even streets. But if you are not brave enough to do earthing, as I do, then invest in good pair of Nikes. Notice I did not say tennis shoes, for Nike is now known to be the best thing to put your foot in other than your mouth.



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