Stress vs Shallom (peace)

Medically, today stress is said to be the main cause of many diseases - especially those labelled psycho-somatic illness.

My good friend and musician Phil Stubbs of Cat Island sang:- Monday stress - Tuesday stress, even Sunday, the ONE REST DAY, stress. Monday is often called a manic Monday. Even I had once been labelled manic depressive (bi-polar) until it was confirmed that I was just psycho-thymic - a normal condition of some persons.
STOMACH ULCERS and acid reflux are definitely stress related often to the ups and downs of business and Freeport’s “pop down!”

HYPERTENSION, as the name implies - though not the actual cause of high blood pressure, is related to making it worse and more serious. Stress or increased tension of society, and even married and family life is accelerating.
HEADACHES, especially migraines are stress related.

TEENAGE SUICIDES in America is not an epidemic.

BACKACHE, the commonest disorder is also stress related.

If it’s Better in The Bahamas, take a chill pill and call me in the morning.
~ Aamen’Ra

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