Self diagnosis and treatment

After spending 14 minutes at walk street medical school and five minutes on the Internet googling, most Bahamians have acquired an M.D. - not medical doctor but MY own DIAGNOSIS.

And there is the other school of medicine where MD means MY DAD said, or MD MY DISPENSER (pharmacist) says.

Take my case. Everyone has diagnosed me with Manic Depression (M.D. get it) or bipolar disease and exhort me to “take my medicine!”
Yes indeed I spent three weeks in Sandilands Hospital in 1982 and two and a half weeks in Diah Ward two years ago. I have never taken any bipolar medicine. The psychiatrist said that I was a psyclothymic personality and prescribed valium to “slow me down.”

Recently, I was at a certain pharmacy getting medicines for my young baby and I heard the pharmacist giving inappropriate medical advice, as if they were a trained physician. I do respect pharmacists but they must know their rightful place - dispense not diagnose.
So I googled the dangers of self diagnosis and I would invite my readers to do the same. You will be surprised at the many things that can go wrong with self treatment and self diagnosis.

So trust your doctor! He or she has spent many years (more than any other profession) learning to diagnose and treat. If you don’t like your doctor’s advice, get a second doctor’s opinion.

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