S.A.D. – You are what you eat!

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America is reputed to be the greatest nation on the earth today - some say it may be the greatest nation ever.

What is SAD is the Standard American Diet!

Nonetheless, when we qualify America in standard of Health and Health Care provision for its people, it is far behind even little poor countries like Cuba.

Of all things, however, what is most SAD is the nutrition of the nation.

Overweight and obese patients, especially in the paediatric group are now over 80 percent statistically. Arnold Schwarzenegger was put in charge of getting America’s youth into Fitness Programs.


It was Thomas Jefferson, one of the most intelligent and socially conscious of all American presidents who said, “The doctor of the future will prescribe NO DRUGS!!”

Yet, the pharmaceutical industry grows and grows and Iatrogenesis is still one of the highest causes of all illnesses. It was found in the pediatric age group, that aspirin poisoning and iron poisoning were very common. In the past, mercury poisoning in young babies was related to the infants eating the paint on their cribs; and some foods from the sea are still mercury poisoning. The fillings in some of the old dental substances can also cause mercury poisoning. I myself changed all the fillings in my mouth.

But, of all things that makes me SAD is the Standard American Diet and how we Bahamians have abandoned our own simple nutritious way of eating to follow the American way.

Bahamians, when they be-come rich, go for Surf N Turf (Steak and Lobster), rather than yellow grits and fish. Fast food eateries, now, cook our meals for us. These fast foods are the reason we are right behind Americans with strokes and heart attacks, and gout. “MONKEY SEE, MONKEY DO!”

Surely Bahamians, our sovereign minds should make us have conch burger rather than beef burger.

I have written in detail before, about our Bahamian children’s eating habits and how important it is for pregnant women to understand “GARBAGE IN GARBAGE OUT!” If you love me; don’t feed me junk.

Eating for two has nothing to do with amounts, but nutritious content; more greens like spinach and broccoli, more raw like carrots and more fruit right off the tree like mangoes ... and please eat the skin also. More water, Alkaline water, eight glasses of eight ounces every day.

Constipation is growing problem in our “growing years” and alkaline water is a must.

One of our former prominent doctors who died recently was reputed to never drink water. How SAD!! Colonics corrects constipation.


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