Preventative methods to avoid heat illness

Last week I wrote an article on heat and dehydration. The response was overwhelming as our temperature rose to the high 90s; and even more with the humidity and the heat index over 100 degrees. Several calls came in from Nassau, also the request for suggested ways to prevent dehydration and heat stroke stimulated the article.

Six simple preventative methods to avoid heat illness:
1. Women must take nine 8oz glasses of electrolyte rich water and fluids. Men must take 13 glasses if active in the open air; and in direct sunlight, more is to be added.
2. Eat ripe bananas as a simple way to replace potassium.
3. Do not drink alcohol as it makes dehydration worse.
4. Wear light colored or white cotton clothing loosely.
5. Wear a straw hat at all times.
6. Be sure to wear a sunblock especially on our white hot sandy beaches.

The reason we are suddenly concerned for our readers is because a lovely lady fell out at church, while giving her tithes and offerings and cramped severely in her legs. We advised that she get Gatorade or Powerade and drink alkaline water or Coconut Water. Eating ripe bananas or apricots and mangos are good replacements for your electrolytes, especially potassium.

Another lady, while walking along the beach felt very faint. She was dehydrated and also anaemic. Coconuts and green bananas are high in iron.

Fans are really a waste of time! They only circulate the hot air. Patients, particularly elderly persons, need air-conditioning. The problem is also in the dirty blades of ceiling and standing fans. They must be cleaned regularly with bleach water. Your air-conditioning vents also need regular maintenance and cleaning. Cars need also have a regular check of their air-conditioning systems.

To avoid self-misdiagnosis, I do recommend you consult your physician and not Dr.


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