POP in support of Lupus

C. TAMIKA LIGHTBOURNE, Lupus Bahamas, President

Annually, Lupus Awareness Month is recognized throughout May, and the Lupus Bahamas Organization led by president, C. Tamika Lightbourne does its best to engage and educate the Grand Bahama community and the public at large on the intricacies of Lupus, which is an autoimmune disease in which the body turns on itself and causes harm to organs and tissues.

Placing priority on education and awareness through research and literature, while believing that quality information is essential for improved health, it is therefore no wonder that the Lupus Bahamas Organization’s mission is to foster learning and research success by working with doctors and medical professionals to promote proper and accurate diagnosis, which will further enhance the quality of treatments and health care throughout The Bahamas.

Once again Lightbourne and the Lupus Bahamas Organization are set to host a series of activities throughout the Grand Bahama community to raise awareness of Lupus inclusive of Lupus Chit-Chats at various civic organizations like the Rotary Club and at schools across the island. Focused attention according to Lightbourne, will also be placed on the two types of Lupus; Systemic Lupus Erythematous (SLE), which is the form of Lupus that can harm one’s skin, joints, kidneys and brain and may be fatal; and Lupus Erythematous also referred to as Discoid Lupus, which affects only the skin.

Lupus Educational Pamphlets will also be distributed to public and private medical facilities for the benefit of all interested in learning more about the disease and the Annual Lupus Awareness Walk is scheduled for Saturday, May 26.

“We are encouraging the public to support all Lupus Bahamas events and activities particularly POP (Put On Purple) Fridays all May-long.

“Purple is the signature color of Lupus and by supporting POP Fridays, you are demonstrating your care and concern for those who are entrenched in the fight to live and enjoy life despite having Lupus and strengthening their resolve that while they may have Lupus, this disease does not have them.
“Lupus and Your Health Seminar and a Lupus Bahamas Butterflies at Brunch are just more events scheduled to occur later this month.

“Lupus Bahamas is grateful for the support of the community, corporate Grand Bahama and civic organizations and we humbly encourage all to continue supporting us in our fight.

“For those seeking additional information, updates and more please contact Lupus Bahamas by sending an email to lupusbahamas.gb@gmail.com or telephone 1-242-439-6208 and read testimonials in The Freeport News as we continue to banding together for Lupus through education and awareness,” declared Lightbourne.

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