Plastics and Styrofoam = DIOXIN

Congratulations to Dr. Minnis and his government for deciding to officially BAN plastic cups and spoons and styrofoam. The health indications were overwhelming as I have stated in previously articles.

Miss Gail Woon is to be particularly lauded for her attempts to educate the public on the effect of “small plastics” on fish in the sea.

DIOXIN - This substance is a very dangerous carcinogen (cancer forming agent) and studies as far as Japan and the great HARVARD (not Howard) University have confirmed the same. All polyvinyl chlorides release DIOXINS when heated (as in the microwave) or frozen. The PVC leaches into the food or drink and the DIOXIN is absorbed in your body.

GLASS - Glass and china are inert and can readily deal with the rigors of extreme heat and cold without being absorbed into the foods it (they) contain.

HISTORICALLY - In the past all good drinks and edibles were properly contained in pyrex dishes but the industry (in the name of outsourcing and frugal financing) changed to plastics and styrofoam.

CONCLUSION - The Minister of Health Dr. Sands and the Prime Minister Dr. Minnis are both excellent physicians. They both are aware of the potential dangers and have acted appropriately. Many European countries have already taken the stand. It is for you to be sensible and stop their use for yourself and your family NOW. This unpaid medical journalist (freelancer) does not use plastics. DON’T BE A FOOL, PUT IT IN GLASS.


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