Ozone treatment of bowel diseases

All diseases really begin in the gut. We have written in the past about colorectal cancer, constipation and chronic diarrhea diseases. To top it all off, we have also compared colonics, which cost $150 and colonoscopy, which cost $1,500 in our medical system.

Most definitely, when I worked at the Hardecker Clinic “a free Roman Catholic health center,” that is Over-the-Hill in Nassau, under Dr. Julie Wersing, we found that all Bahamian children, bar none, had intestinal parasites. What was more important, most mothers when examined by stool sample, were also worm infested.

Most recently one of my patients, a male of 56 years, died after passing a very large and long tape worm. Bowel diseases are, therefore, still one of the most common of all illnesses whether in the sophisticated countries like America, or the most common poor ones like Haiti.

The rise of colonic diseases is undoubtedly something the medical profession must address.

This illness is much touted recently, because supportive groups have formed in Europe and America with many patients being affected for over 15 to 20 years. The usual answer by allopathic doctors is, “we can treat it, but we cannot cure it.” However, with the advantage of the ozone machine, many cases of leaky gut syndrome are now witnessing to their support groups that they are indeed finally and completely cured.

IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Irritable Bowel Syndrome, to me, has been my Achilles heel. I have been known, over my 46 years as a medical doctor, to have been blessed by YAAHWEH God, with a unique ability to diagnose and treat diseases, which my colleagues were unable to do. On a conference trip to Switzerland years ago, I was exposed to the Ozone machine.

Shortly thereafter, a medical doctor Hussein Dachiel sponsored my wife and I a trip to the Black Forest, where he had a medical clinic. He was the doctor for Mr. Minder, the owner of Atlantic Beach Hotel. Dr. Dachiel educated me in the wondrous effects one could achieve medically using Ozone.
Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis - AKA Crohn’s Colitis.

Among my recent patients are two lovely ladies: One from Fort Lauderdale, Florida and the other a Bahamian with roots in Abaco. They have formed, together, a support group and communicate daily on my treatments, especially the Ozone Rectal Therapy. Their history is very similar: both are in their late 30s and both having exhausted time and money in the American medical allopathic doctors. Using Ozone alone would have been wonderful for them, but we combine placenta stem cell therapy, intravenous ascorbic acid, combined with hydrogen peroxide and a most carefully designed nutritional food and diet.

I would encourage any other person interested to google bowel diseases and the use of ozone especially from the European experience. Those interested in how stem cells work, may go to the Internet to the Irish Stem Cell Foundation C.S.C.F. to gain insight into these modern non-drug therapies.

• Drink a lot of water before and after a session
• Lie down for about 20 minutes after each session
• Wear as little clothing as possible during a session
• Let a fan blow on your face and body

• Do not drink any vitamin C, before or after a session
• Do not walk directly on cold days before a session
• Do not shower directly after a session
• Do not eat large meals after a session
• Do not take prescription medication 4-6 hours before a therapy session
• Do not do Ozone Therapy after a chemo therapy session
• Do not go for a session if you are under stress
• Do not do Ozone if you have a pacemaker
• Do not do Ozone within 2-3 days of surgery.

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