New Life encourages healthy living during Breast Cancer Awareness Month


The Bahamas’ leading nutritionist and herbalist, Jamal Moncur, has traveled the world to bring home lost herbal traditions and African Bi-Mineral therapies designed to improve the quality of life for ailing Bahamians and his international clients.

Since launching his New Life business in New Providence in 2010, Moncur successfully expanded his operations to Grand Bahama, providing vegetarian and other natural remedies to treat and prevent scores of diseases facing our modern world. This month, during the annual observance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, he and his team will host a ‘Prevention is the Path to Cure’ one day seminar on what they believe can help prevent cancer.

“Breast Cancer remains one of the most common forms of the disease,” noted Moncur, “and because so many people are unable to afford the medical treatments, our mission is to provide a natural alternative that incorporates healthy lifestyle choices and dietary measures that are both affordable and we feel, life changing.”

On Saturday, October 27 Moncur and his New Life team, along with guest speaker and well-known Cancer specialist, Dr. Kevin Bethel, will hold their first Cancer Prevention Seminar at Pelican Bay Hotel. “We’ve been working with so many cancer sufferers who’ve seen major improvements in their quality of life with our dietary changes,” said Moncur. “Management of their illnesses is good, but we want people to learn how to change their diets now to, we hope, prevent cancer.”

While advancements in screening and treatment have dramatically improved survival rates, for many cancer sufferers, such traditional treatments and therapies are unsuccessful. “This event is an opportunity for some of my clients to share their experiences of success and for others to learn about how changing their diets and adopting a healthy lifestyle can impact their health for the better.”

To learn more about New Life and Moncur, interested persons can visit their social media pages, website, or YouTube testimonials. The event will also teach culinary skills to participants with Chef Shoniquer Moncur, who will showcase her vegan meals at the event, along with well-known fitness trainer Orick Nesbitt. Tickets are on sale now at New Life and are best purchased in advance.

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