Lupus Bahamas ends month long campaign on a ‘Butterfly Beautiful’ note

The Lupus Bahamas Organization (LBO) wrapped up all Lupus Awareness and Education activities on a “beautiful butterfly” note with the Seventh Annual Fun, Run/Walk for Lupus, which was well supported by the Grand Bahama community. (PHOTO COURTESY OF LUPUS BAHAMAS)

The Lupus Bahamas Organization (LBO) recently wrapped up all Lupus Awareness and Education activities on a “beautiful butterfly” note with the Seventh Annual Fun, Run/Walk for Lupus, which was well supported by the Grand Bahama community.

Participants of the Lupus Awareness and Education activities received sincere thanks from LBO President C. Tamika Lightbourne, who has been working diligently to ensure the success of each event.

“Lupus Awareness Month 2017 went very well in spite of the fact that it was also an election focused month.
“Each activity spearheaded by the Lupus Bahamas Organization was well orchestrated and went on without any major hiccups.

“The turnout for the Lupus Walk was a bit low this year however, the support received added to the tremendous success of this time-honored fund-raising event.

“All LBO members and supporters are appreciative of the generosity demonstrated to us by Archdeacon Father Harry Bain, who once again allowed us the use of the Foster B. Pestaina Center of the Pro-Cathedral of Christ the King Anglican Church to conduct the Seventh Annual Fun, Run/Walk for Lupus.

“Additionally, the Grand Bahama community must be praised for its support of the Lupus Awareness Month POP Fridays in which all were asked to put on purple which is the signature color that identifies the organization.

“During the month, we held educational chit-chats on Love 97 FM Radio, several members visited the Rotary International and Rotarac Clubs sharing their personal testimony regarding their diagnosis and living with the auto-immune disease as well as a public telemedicine health forum featuring renowned author, lupus survivor and medical physician Dr. Brooke Goldner and fitness experts Rob Harris and Kyle Edwards took place at Pelican Bay Resort.

“Definitely the LBO had a fantastic month and are appreciative of our sponsors and supporters several of whom are elated to be acknowledged like Kosha Ltd., the Royal Bahamas Police Force, Nassau Insurance Agency, Sunrise Medical Center, Kelly’s, SpeedX Courier Service and the Grand Bahama Co-operative Credit Union,” Lightbourne revealed.

Of course as with anything, more could have been done to garner even greater success, the LBO president said she is indeed grateful for all that has been accomplished and looks forward with great anticipation for next year’s Lupus Awareness and Education Month and ensuring that the public receives accurate insight and information regarding the autoimmune disease which is commonly prevalent in women between the ages of 14-55 and oftentimes affects those of Afro-Caribbean and other ethnic groups like those from the Philippines, Central America and China.

To date physicians still are unable to definitively state what causes lupus which contrary to popular belief Lupus is not a blood disorder neither is it a form of cancer and certainly it is not contagious, however it is an autoimmune disease that affects the immune system that is responsible for fighting off diseases, viruses, bacteria and other foreign materials that may affect the body.

There are four types of lupus which includes Discoid Lupus Erythematous, which causes a skin rash that does not go away; Subacute cutaneous Lupus Erythematous (SLE) causes skin sores on parts of the body exposed to the sun; Drug-induced Lupus (DIL) can be caused by medications and Neonatal Lupus is a rare form of the disease that affects newborns.

Furthermore, no two persons living with Lupus undergo the same exact treatment, as it affects each individual differently, hence the need to ensure the wider community is accurately educated. Thanks to the efforts of the Lupus Bahamas Organization that has already produced two of a six-part lupus education pamphlet that is being distributed free of charge throughout the local community at public and private medical facilities.

For more information and updates on Lupus Bahamas send an email to, visit Facebook at or telephone 1-242-439-6208.

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