Know your status Rapid HIV Testing set for Saturday


Founder of the HIV/AIDS Survivors Benefit (HASB), Kevin Thompson-Delancy, is once again partnering with both national and international organizations to sensitize residents in the community of Grand Bahama to learn their status, as it relates to Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS).

Of the view that sensitizing the public to the importance of knowing their status, year round, as opposed to just one day of the year, Thompson-Delancy is again making a public appeal to all, to know their status.

To assist residents, the AIDS Activist revealed that a rapid HIV testing session is set for this coming Saturday, April 28.

Adamantly pledging HASB’s commitment to ensuring that no one else is infected by the dreaded disease, he shared that due to the advancements in technology, persons that are infected are able to lead fruitful and productive lives, if their medication is administered as prescribed.

“Normally when we hear of HIV and AIDS, there is a stigma attached to it. It is seen as a death sentence to some and for others, a loss of their quality of life. However, due to the latest in medical technology, one can live a healthy and long life.

“On April 28, we are hosting a rapid testing at the Pearce Plaza Clinic, Coral Road and we ask that all citizens come in and check their status.

“Statistically speaking, The Bahamas is known as being high risk for HIV and AIDS infections, and so we encourage all persons to come out and get tested. Knowing your status affords you the opportunity to begin treatment if you are infected and also gives you a peace of mind if you are not infected,” said HASB’s founder.

Thompson-Delancy is a survivor of the disease for over three decades.

“I am an example of someone who has been infected with the virus and yet has been able to live a healthy and successful life.

“I was infected at a young age and today, I am a 33-year survivor and have been able to accomplish many great things, showing that there is hope to live a normal life.”

A joint effort through the Grand Bahama Health Services, the Grand Bahama AIDS Awareness Committee and the HIV/AIDS Survivor’s Benefit GB, which is proud to be sponsored by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation of the United States, the rapid testing event this Saturday will afford participants to learn their HIV/AIDS status within minutes of completing the test.

“Again, we would like to encourage as many persons as possible, to come out and know your status! It is private and confidential, with trained medical professionals ready to assist you in this important procedure.”

Persons will be seen on a first come basis. The rapid testing will begin promptly at 9:00 a.m. and conclude at 3:00 p.m.

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