Infertility and Impotence

The medical world is seeing a rise in these two conditions, which hardly bothered persons in the past.

I know of a family in Abaco who had 23 children all single births. My grandfather Ricardo DeGregory had 39 children.
My parents had 14 children – 10 are still alive. I will be 72 in four short months. So then what has happened?

Well let us look at impotence first. I am seeing more and more young men with ED, or P.E., or low sperm count, aspermia, or ejaculation without any real discharge and then, of course, infertility.
ED - Erectile dysfunction is an overview that is most commonly related to inability to have an erection. This is often the case in diabetics and persons with severe debilitating diseases. The wife is most often the person to bring the patient (husband) in.
• He is not living up to marital expectations.
• Beware the “blue pill” it is deadly and dangerous!!
P.E. - Stands for premature ejaculation. In Jamaican reggae terms this is the “two minute man.” In actuality he may often be the one minute man. This is often more a problem in married life, because the man can produce a good erection, but he often “falls from the race.”

I have been flabbergasted at the large number of young married males whose sperm count is the reason for the very high infertility rate in our Bahamian families.
Fortunately, there are recent medical breakthroughs, which enable us to assist these persons.

This condition is rare. Here the man produces absolutely no sperm. Men with aspermia are best instructed and advised to ADOPT. The process of adoption is really a blessing to everyone concerned, that I wonder why more childless couples do not see it as a God-blessed alternative to the expensive other options.

Ejaculation without sperm discharge
This condition bothers many men in their older age and season. Some men using other medications may also express this phenomenon. Again, modern methods can help these men.

Infertility and impotence is no longer a life sentence. Men, however, should not procrastinate. “Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.”

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