Health initiative geared toward educating the masses

HEALTHY LIVING – AML Foods hosted a seminar under the theme, ‘Let’s Talk Health’ with health coach Melissa Major (at right) on Saturday, February 3 at Solomon’s Lucaya. (PHOTOS: JAIMIE SMITH)

Abaco Markets Limited has embarked on an initiative geared toward educating its customers on the importance of practicing healthy eating habits, while at the same time living an active lifestyle, taking preventative measures to keep an eye on their health.

This past Saturday, AML Foods, at their Solomon’s location in Lucaya, did just that as they hosted yet another successful event for their customers, where they had the opportunity to receive pertinent information on leading healthy and active lives.

AML Foods Senior Marketing Representative Daneisha Clarke, acknowledged during the event, “Today we are having our ‘Let’s talk Heath’ event, where we are focusing on cancer prevention; we are calling it, ‘We can; I can.’

“We have our AML Foods Health Coach, Melissa Major, all the way from Nassau here with us. She came to talk to our customers about cancer prevention, because she is a cancer survivor. We also have the Cancer Society, the LIONS Club and the Cardio Blast Experience with Tarantae Laing; all of whom are participating in our ‘Let’s talk Health’ Day.

“We are talking about so many things where persons can receive vital information, have their pressure checked, as well as talk to ‘Coach T’ (Laing) about fitness. He also has a fitness program that runs year round,” Clarke revealed.

“AML Foods wants our customers to be conscious about their health. This is just a small initiative that we do here. This is not the first time that we are hosting this event and we want to continuously have it, for our customers.

“We are glad that people actually came in and stopped; some persons RSVP, while others just came in and took a seat to hear from our coaches. We are just glad that they are participating in this function.”

Questioned when AML Foods intends on hosting another event, Clarke answered, “We try to have one every quarter, but based on the overwhelming response from persons and various organizations wishing to participate, we are hoping to host the event every other month, right here at our Solomon’s Lucaya location.”

AML Foods Health Coach shared the importance of persons taking the time to “truly” conduct a self-assessment on how they are treating their bodies and the time to do so is now.

“February 4, is known as World Cancer Day. We know that cancer is a burden in our country and cancer prevention is very necessary, because more cancers can be prevented. We know that about five percent of cancers are hereditary, which means that the rest of them can be prevented.

“When we are talking about prevention we are talking about the foods that we are eating, limiting alcohol consumption and we are talking about physical activity … environmental factors play a huge role as well.

“It is the overall scope of things that must be considered when we are talking about prevention, because we know that cancer is not a disease that happens overnight. For one cancer cell to get to that point where we are actually able to see it, our bodies go through a lot. The dietary factors are very important; eating clean foods is crucial,” revealed Major.

“Today we talked a lot about what we are ingesting, eating clean foods, looking out for the hormones and other things inclusive of reading labels, staying in the produce section of the food store the majority of the time, and watching our portion sizes when we are eating.

“Another thing that we talked about was the obesity factor. The World Health Organization (WHO) sent out a mandate that regions are encouraged to try and fight obesity. In fighting obesity, we can lower a lot of the non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

“Once we are able to do that the diabetes, hypertension and cardio-vascular diseases, including cancer can be prevented. Obviously obesity deals with weight, so it all goes back to what are you eating and are you moving? If we fight obesity, then we eliminate a lot of the NCDs.

“It is time for a call to action, because we must be more proactive when it comes to our health. Prostate Cancer is the leading cancer killer of the men in this country; breast cancer is the second leading cancer, for the women.

“We had a really good talk today, the response was really good; the crowd was very engaged. It was a good event and I was very pleased; I am hoping that I will be able to come back for similar events. I am a Grand Bahamian so I am excited to be home,” concluded the AML Foods health coach.

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