GB Health Services present awards from first Beach Olympics

Diah Ward and Social Services Department.

Grand Bahama Health Services held its First Beach Olympics October 7, where various departments spent the day testing their athletic prowess.

The event, which originated from the Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival Kick-Off weekend on Taino Beach, was sponsored by the Pharmacy Department and held in an attempt to raise funds for Pharmacy Week 2017, which is currently ongoing.

This past Friday, teams from the various departments which included: Pharmacy, H. Diah Ward and Social Services Department, EMS, Accident and Emergency, Business Office, Operating Theatre, Records and Finance and Human Resources found out who the top teams were once and for all.

H. Diah Ward and Social Services department raked up the most points across all events contested to claim a year’s worth of bragging rights over the other departments. The fiery members of the Operating Theatre team were the second place finishers and the Pharmacy Department rounded out the top three teams.

Every team has that one athlete who steps up to the plate to ensure their team remains encouraged through it all, while putting on stellar performances themselves. Those athletes were presented with Most Outstanding Athlete awards among the females and males.

For her performances in the 60 meter dash, obstacle course, dominoes tournament, sac race and volleyball tournament Rhashida Curry of the Pharmacy Department earned MOA honors. She was also the recipient of the Team Spirit Award. For the males, Denrado Roker (Operating Theatre) and Dr. Leroy Laing (Diah Ward) competed to a two-day tie in the 60m dash, Tug-O-War, obstacle course, dominoes tournament, sack race and volley tournament and were both named the MOA of the males.

Each outstanding athlete was gifted with a prize from major sponsor of the Beach Olympics, Aliv.

The top team in the dominoes tournament was the Accident and Emergency Department. The gold medal winner in the sack race was Jazmine McGregor, second place went to Curry and third place went to Jacinta McGregor.

Roker was the gold medalist of the mens’ 60m dash, followed by Laing who took the silver and Sean Thompson won the bronze for the EMS department. The Diah Ward Department won first place in the obstacle course, followed by the EMS Department in second place and the Pharmacy Department in third place.

In the women’s 60m dash the gold went to the Pharmacy Department. The silver medalist in that same event went to the Diah Ward, the bronze was won by the Pharmacy department.

The winner of the volleyball tournament was the Operating Theatre team, who defeated the Pharmacy department. They took second place.

In the men’s sack race, Laing was the gold medalist of the first heat of races, followed by Roker who claimed the silver and Demetri Bridgewater who took away the bronze.

The lead lady in charge of coordinating the event was Latoya Cartwright. She addressed everyone gathered in the foyer of the Rand Memorial Hospital and extended a hearty thank you to all the participants for making the event a success despite some hiccups along the way.

“It was rough and a little sketchy along the edges but I promise you it will be bigger and better next year,” she expressed, “I’d like to thank everyone for coming together and making sure we executed. Team Operating Theatre really exhibited team spirit and everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves. So I really want to say thank you again. I look forward to working with you guys again.

“When we start the plans, we’re asking for the next Beach Olympics year for each department to have a representative who would form the committee, so we can do it together as a body.”

Cartwright also felt the event was great way for the staff to come together for a full day of camaraderie between all the departments.

“I just thought it would be a great way to bring the staff together for staff camaraderie. Last Carnival Beach Olympics we participated in it. They said we won but then said we didn’t win. So I think that kind of had the staff motivated and geared up so we decided to go forward with that idea.

“The biggest takeaway I think was just trying to get it off the ground. Of course there would be some hiccups along the we just decided to pull together as a team to make it all happen. So at the end of it I still was happy about the participation and the amount of persons who attended.”

Each participant from the various departments were given certificates for their participation.

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