Fast foods are dangerous

Mothers today let the Colonel KFC cook their meals. They take Wendy’s for lunch and Burger King for brunch.

The nutrition of our children is atrocious. There was a time when only on Saturdays, mothers took a break from cooking for their families. It was an occasional break. A treat for the kids to get a toy; but now it’s an everyday thing.

I was at one of these fast foods one day and the line was out of the door. People, people, people all getting inferior nutrition as a meal instead of their mothers or fathers preparing a balanced nutritious cooked meal.

Do you know how many cases of food poisoning I treat every week in my clinic?

There is the issue of obese and overweight children. The Bahamas is the worst in the entire Caribbean!
I have written several times about nutrition in our Bahamian children … “if you love me, don’t give me junk.” The fat in fries and greasy meats are unhealthy. The convenience in fast foods is dangerous! No wonder our kids are anaemic and poorly nourished.

That which is fast cannot be good
That which is good cannot be cheap
That which is cheap cannot be healthy!
Mothers go home and cook!!


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