Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and Asthma

There is no question that there is a significant rise in asthmatic diseases and the combined chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases. Just the other day in China, the smog and fog were so intense that virtually everyone in the city was wearing a mask. In the last Olympic Games held in China, many persons found themselves having breathing difficulties even while at rest.


The real problem as delineated by the tobacco companies since the 1930s, was that tobacco was not the culprit, but the added ingredients that were being used - some intentionally - to make cigarette smoking more habituating: to entice more and more smokers … sneakyyy. There was no question for example when Coca -Cola did the same. There was actually proven by scientific assessment that cocaine was actually in the drink. The word tobacco is actually one of the 80 plus original Bahamian words. There was no evidence when Columbus came to our shores that the natives had developed cancer or any other Chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases.

Where persons smoke cigars and cigarillos and the pipe, there has been no tangible recording or medical evidence of disease. Smoking cannabis on the other hand has been proven by two universities in Israel to actually be of significant medical benefit. There is no evidence of cannabis being a hazard to anyone’s health. Further, there has never been a recorded death due to cannabis. Myself and four of my sons have asthma. Why is asthma, a very potently dangerous disease, on the rise despite more and more scientific effort to decrease its incidence. As Arsenio Hall would have said – Hmmmmmm!

EL OJO TERCIO (the third eye)

Again, myself and the same four sons, have brain-like and looking extensions into the roofs of our mouths. I am not certain of that significance; but … there is no doubt that presence of the third eye in myself enables me to see beyond the fake news and false facts presented to me both personally and professionally. How now do we link this to the asthma controversy?

Well simply: the air pollution of hydrocarbons burnt from our automobiles and also in many of our factories, factor in some linkage. There is further evidence that the rise in smog and fog levels leads to a significant lessening of the oxygen available in the air for us to breathe. It was in the book Doctor Tolasso, that the best understanding of what the third eye is and does is made. You should read it.


This is a very important group of diseases that affect one’s ability to breathe, causes shortness of breath even while resting, and affects one’s lung capacity significantly. What actually occurs is that COPD blocks oxygen’s flow through the lungs and, is a disease that prevents energy of oxygen reaching the rest of the human anatomy. The process of cigarette smoking damages the lung parenchyma.

The result may be emphysema, chronic bronchitis, an inflamed bronchial tree, mucus in the lining, enlarged alveoli, and much fewer capillaries. Asthma is, on the other hand, seems to be more familial, but there is growing evidence that there are many asthmatics who have no family history of the disease. Asthma has a very high morbidity and mortality despite many pharmaceuticals dedicated specifically to the disease.


There is no doubt ambiguity, when one says on one hand that cigarette smoking is dangerous to health and can produce COPD; but by smoking cannabis the reverse occurs … asthma has improved and the overall alveoli and bronchial function are actually improved while smoking. It is the CBD portion of the cannabis that is used exclusively for its healing potions. Therefore, as the non-voted self-styled Surgeon General of the Bahamas; I would like to state emphatically that the rise of asthma and COPD would be much improved by making cars, like the Tesla.

This would vastly improve our pollutants’ removal in our breathing air. Then, by reading Mother Earth news, we would all do our little part; such as using solar energy and growing things more naturally. We would be partners with persons like former vice-president Al Gore, to look about going green in all facets of living. There is even evidence that experiment is on-going to make highway surfaces out of solar panels. It was actually a pet theme of ex-president Barack Obama.


When I began to develop ABC Holistic World, it was to show my Bahamian fellow citizens, that instead of growing grass and having to cut lawns, one should grow fruits trees, and other medicinal plants like aloe, cerasee, neem, noni, moringa etc. Part of the problem of air pollution would have been improved. After all that’s what trees do; That’s why God planted them! Were it not for the Amazon Rain forest, we would have all been extinct by now. My simple view is that “if healthy you want to be … then plant a healthy tree.”



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