Childhood Depression

Here in Freeport with the depressed economy and the family life relegated more and more to a fragile “mother who fathered me” lifestyle, more and more of our children are being depressed.

Further, the effect of TV and the Internet, and Facebook etc., children see scores of murders and dangerous violence. Recently, statistics have also come to find many boys and girls being “incestually” raped by fathers and uncles. These children “act out” or alternatively go very silent.

There are several types of depression
1. Simple Depression - Simple depression which affects each of us when a parent or grandparent dies or has a stroke or serious illness. Often these children are ignored, when family members do not recognize the effect on these children. They all need careful counselling. No drugs.

2. Clinical Depression - This is a more serious condition and can often lead to the child attempting to or committing suicide.

3. Manic Depression - This is even more serious and is often present in the smarter or more intelligent child. This is sometimes called Bipolar disease. This is because there are periods of elation, followed by gloom or depression. This requires careful diagnosis and medical treatment by a qualified children’s doctor or child psychiatrist. Many of you know that I have been labelled as such by Freeport’s one day doctors. Actually, I have spent time in Sandilands in 1982 and Diah Ward in 2016. Dr. Pollenski says, I am Cyclothymic and the psychiatrist in Miami say that I have “right brain - left brain” in any case I am not “crazy.”

4. Drug Induced Depression - There are several prominent drugs which cause depression in children and young adults. One of them is the overuse, improper use of Cannabis (marijuana) or misusing weed with wine and strong drink.

5. Postpartum depression - This occurs quite frequently. When very young, in their early teens, have an early pregnancy especially in homes where there is no father and only a single mother, adds stress to an already stressful situation.

America has recently seen violent overreaction, when teens in depression, take it out on others with deadly results, or at times committing communal suicide together. When America sneezes, we catch a cold. If you see your child acting out or growing even silent and reserved, don’t discipline them. They need counseling for grief or even worse they may be having incestual relations with a father or uncle who puts the child in fear if exposed.

Please be emphatic as well as sympathetic and take them to a caring child’s doctor. “Suffer the little children to come unto me.”
~ Aaman’Ra

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