Chef Shoniquer Moncur to showcase vegan benefits

VEGAN DEMO – Shoniquer Moncur (right), the creative culinary mind behind the vegan inspired dishes served by New Life, will showcase the benefits of eating healthy while offering participants insights into how to make their vegan options more appealing. She is pictured offering a live demonstration during a recent event on Grand Bahama Island. (Photo courtesy of New Life Vegetation for Barefoot Marketing)

Not to be out done by the work of her well renowned husband – nutritionist and herbalist, Jamal Moncur – Chef Shoniquer Moncur and her healthy culinary creations will take centre stage at the upcoming the New Life event: ‘Prevention is the Path to Cure.’

The seminar which will showcase the amazing success stories of their clients and demonstrate the linkages between diet and cancer prevention, will take place next weekend at Pelican Bay’s Canal House on Freeport Grand Bahama.

As the creative culinary genius behind the well-loved vegan food served at New Life restaurants in Grand Bahama, Chef Moncur has developed a stellar reputation for providing creative vegetarian meals for clients daily. Working for over 12 years as a self-taught chef, she is now a 10-year vegan and recently received her Southwestern Community College certification in culinary nutrition by the American Culinary Federation.

At next week’s highly anticipated event, she will present at her husband’s one-day seminar on using vegetarian meals to help prevent cancer and demonstrate how to make vegan cooking enjoyable.

“Cancer is a major threat to our health today, but diet and lifestyle has been known to significantly reduce or increase the risk of cancer,” said Chef Moncur. “For women, the threat of cancer has increased over the years and for people born since 1960, the risk of having cancer has been documented at 50 percent, according to ‘Nutrition News’ on cancer. Eating a heavy meat diet, loaded with carbs and man-made products just cannot be good for anyone” she noted passionately.”

The Moncurs also made radio rounds to promote their message of healthy eating this week, appearing on the popular Guardian Radio program ‘The Revolution’ with host Juan McCartney on Monday, October 22 , as well as with Wendell Jones on Love 97 on October 23 before focusing on its Grand Bahama Audience with a trip to Mix 102 on Wednesday.

“We are also pleased to be featured on ‘Focus Forward’ hosted by the Grand Bahama Port Authority,” said Mr. Moncur. “They have been very supportive of our business and we are looking forward to showing more Bahamians alternate ways to diet and to cope with illness.”

Joining the Moncurs on Saturday, October 27 at their event, will be Cancer specialist Dr. Kevin Bethel, owner and operator of the Family Wellness Centre in Freeport. Dr. Bethel will share a wealth of knowledge on fighting cancer through natural and preventative measures.

“There are many myths that are propagated as healthy, but in fact are not healthy and in some cases, harmful” explained Dr. Bethel.

“For example, many common exercise programs that people think are the healthiest, often causing injury and disease; so, attendees at the workshop will learn the correct role of “stretching” and “warm-ups” in having in a healthy lifestyle, in addition to how sleep habits and the environment around us contribute to our health and livelihood,” he explained.

The one-day seminar will start at 9 a.m. and will feature vegan food training, herbal recipes, physical movement work, and a cancer presentation by Dr. Bethel.

Tickets are on sale now for the event at New Life locations and are less expensive if purchased in advance. To learn more visit the New Life Facebook page or the ‘Prevention is the Path to Cure’ event page.

“What if we told you that you can cure even the most deadly illness with natural products?” said Moncur. “I invite everyone to come out and hear personal testimonials from our clients and let us demonstrate to you how we can change your diet, your health and we hope – prevent Cancer.”

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