CBE teaching persons how to start and maintain a healthy lifestyle

Tarentee Laing, Cardio Blast Experience (CBE) Managing Nutrition Advisor and Fitness Trainer

Cardio Blast Experience (CBE) Managing Nutrition Advisor and Fitness Trainer, Tarentee Laing, delivered an awe-inspiring presentation on the topic, “The Call to a Healthy Lifestyle,” during a Rotary Club of Lucaya (RCL) meeting held on Tuesday, May 2, 2017 at Ruby Swiss Restaurant.

Carol Rolle, RCL President along with Rotarians and guests listened intently to Laing, who stated, “The Cardio Blast Experience (CBE) teaches persons how to start and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

“The CBE began three years ago, initially starting out as a booty camp on the Richard Gaitor Community Park, Pioneer’s Loop in the Marco City constituency.

“Literally I had two clients one of which was my aunt and a neighbor, who wanted to support my efforts as a young man working diligently to help others and not becoming involved in compromising activities in order to help my mother and I survive.

“Within a six-month span I watched God totally transform the CBE Booty Camp in to the thriving business that it is today; mushrooming from two clients to more than 250 clients, who were tracking their progress and enjoying their healthy lifestyle change.

“Personally, I have always loved exercising and maintaining a healthy diet so what had been a mere hobby to for me, led me to losing over 70 pounds, seeking out knowledge and proper certification in nutrition and fitness while, developing a brand by which I would literally be able to help myself and mother survive.

“All I did was listen to God’s call on my life and adhering to His instructions, which has allowed me to dispel popular belief such as Bahamians having a problem with fitness and nutrition.

“Studies, surveys and facts gathered has shown that Bahamians do not have a problem with living a healthy lifestyle, however most struggle with knowing what is required to start and maintain proper nutrition and fitness.

“Equipped with this knowledge and heeding God’s “Call to a Healthy Lifestyle,” Cardio Blast Experience (CBE) provides multiple services that teaches everyone the importance of maintaining a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle by doing all that is necessary to properly nourish one’s body inclusive of exercising the five Meals-a-day Concept and understanding that a healthy lifestyle does not just simply include fitness.”

The Cardio Blast Experience (CBE) Managing Nutrition Advisor & Fitness Trainer began his business as a “rookie” however, a firm believer in health and wellness as well as allowing God to guide and direct his path, Laing noted that he sought out certification in Nutrition and Fitness from American Fitness Professionals and Associates (AFPA) and currently attends the University of The Bahamas working diligently to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources and Business Management with the ultimate goal of obtaining a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science, Personal Training & Nutritional Advisement.

Inspired to serve, Laing revealed now more than ever, it is the job of Cardio Blast Experience (CBE) to help his fellow man live their best life by not only beginning to live a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle but also maintaining it, hence he desires to follow the example set by the late Mother Theresa, who utilized every skill and talent she developed for the sole purpose of helping others, becoming a certified nurse and even learning a different language to assist the disenfranchised.

“Personally, I believe in the Lord and the Bible declares that one’s gifts would indeed make room for him.

“Again, God has really blown my mind in the past three years through my obedience to Him and He has allowed my business to grow because I choose to adhere to His call and follow the purpose and plan He predestined for my life, which is serving others and assisting all Cardio Blast Experience (CBE) clients by bringing them closer to how God and His design for exactly how their body ought to function, which means at a healthy BMI (body mass index).

“Cardio Blast Experience (CBE) is predicated upon service to others and daily I am in contact with my clients because I care about their well-being.

“It is the CBE’s goal to ensure that we keep them inspired and motivated to live a healthy lifestyle so that they can function and perform at the absolute best.

“Definitely, I believe in committing to God whatever I do, knowing that He will establish my plans and while many of the Cardio Blast Experience ventures may not be popular and a few might not approve of them, I adhere to the plan of God understanding the fact that many have become depressed along their individual journey to living a healthy lifestyle.

“Many begin doing all that is necessary to make progress but somewhere along the way they become discouraged and stop, which causes them to not perform at their optimal level and repeat the same cycle or give up entirely.

“To those persons, I encourage them to give the Cardio Blast Experience (CBE) a try, as everything done is precisely for the purpose of helping others.

“In fact, Cardio Blast Experience (CBE) is more than fitness, we have clients on Grand Bahama Island, New Providence and The Abacos, we developed completely healthy meal plans, conduct fitness training (corporate and personal), as well as more lives are being touched through CBE Virtual Fitness too,” Laing said.

Advising Rotarians to always remember that living a healthy lifestyle is a necessity, Laing revealed that more often than not, persons considered living a truly healthy lifestyle as an expensive luxury therefore, once finances become strained, they revert to former, unhealthy habits that pose serious health risks.

Laing noted that the CBE and other programs like it provides preventative care to help clients maintain good health greatly lowering the risk of disease and illness, however oftentimes individuals prefer to be “frugal,” which lands them in the clinics and hospitals to physicians who have advocated for their patients to execute a more health conscious lifestyle but now have to provide treatment for symptoms of disease.

Living a healthy lifestyle means committing to a regimen that involves knowing and understanding nutrition, incorporating more fruits, vegetables, grains and natural herbs and spices in one’s diet, as opposed to seasonings that are sodium dependent and/or filled with monosodium glutamate (MSG), which has been linked to cancer, drinking lots of water, exercise and making the time for doing such as it is a necessity and is exactly what the CBE is all about, said Laing, who noted he was the stone rejected but now God has elevated him and he is focused on being of service to his fellow man to live their best life now.

All Rotarians and guests congratulated Laing for his passion, dedication, innovation and remaining motivated by a love of serving others while, maintaining proper health, fitness and wellness.

RCL President Rolle noted like many she is inspired by his story and as a client, she is reaping the benefits of the Cardio Blast Experience (CBE), which is not motivated by making the largest profits but instead truly touching lives for the better.

She encouraged all to take their health in hand by adhering to the advice and professional training of experts like Laing and execute what is right to live their best life now.

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