Alkaline water plus OZONE

The sign in front of my medical centre says, THE 13TH OZONE ZONE, and there is only one individual, an 11-year-old child, who asked me to explain what it meant. Another very astute Rasta man came to the conclusion that I had secretly put the name of God…”O N E” Torah says, “Hear OH Israel the Lord is O N E.”

It is evident, therefore, that most individuals are not aware of the Hebrew understanding that God is a number, not a word. God is the number O N E; She should be number one in all that we do and say. She should come first in our minds, in our hearts, and our spirits.

God promised us bread and water as our sustenance. We have, however, elaborated with meat and more deleterious foods like pork, lobster, conch and other scavengers, which were never intended by YAAHWEH for our consumption. The pollution of the Earth’s water system and the poisons like Chlorine and Fluoride added to our drinking water makes it a tragedy if we were to give tap water to our children or elders to drink.

As a previous article simply touched on, the acid in our diet and drinks like Coca-Cola, coffee, soft drinks, and juices like orange, pineapple and grapefruit has resulted in our needs for Alkaline Water. We at ABBA Stem Cells and ABC Holyistic, therefore, recommend highly that you drink Alkaline Water plus OZONE.


OZONE is that part of oxygen to the power 3. It is OZONE and the Ozone Layer that gives the blue colour to our sky and it protects us from harmful radiation bombarding the planet from outside. The Olympic pools at the last Olympics that took placed in America at Atlanta, Georgia, were all purified by OZONE not Chlorine. OZONE is, however, an interphased substance which is more like a liquid than a gas. Furthermore, the molecules coalesce in a three or four dimension which gives the bonding at 26. Therefore, when one takes the oxygen gas as oxygen to the power two, then OZONE is 13 times the energy of Oxygen Gas.

 These are the benefits of drinking Alkaline water blended with OZONE:

• More energy and improves sleep quality

• Improves your immune system, oxygenates cells thoroughly

• Healthier looking skin. Helps diabetics

• Helps with proper weight loss, lowers blood pressure

• Essential for body to absorb essential vital nutrients

• Encourages detoxification, reduces stone formation

• Reduces stress levels, improves renal physiology

• Ozonized water is superior to regular alkaline water

• Improves one’s “nature” in both men and women

Fruits and vegetables that contain high Alkaline (PH) Levels 7.5-9.0

9.0 Lemon, water melons, turmeric, mooring • Love Vine

8.5 Bell pepper, kelps, mango, melons, parsley, seaweed and papaya * Sea Moss

8.0 Apples, Apricots, Grapes, Fruit Juice (not orange juice), Avocados, Bananas, Vegetable Juice, Peas

7.5 Mushrooms, Onions, Almond, Egg Yokes, Tofu, Soy Milk, Tomato, Vinegar, Cucumber.

It is very important to maintain good health. And now that you have read my article, you must introduce Alkaline Water plus OZONE to your body for every day essentials.



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