Wilson back in BUT mix

Members of the Bahamas Union of Teachers (BUT) across the nation are now getting ready for a raucous campaign leading up to the election of officers’ date, April 7.

Last week, the court declared that the embattled former BUT President Belinda Wilson and three of her close allies, who were all plaintiffs in a case against the union, can stand as nominees. Under suspension, twice by the BUT, Wilson now looms large again.

The last year has been unsettling for Wilson and being out of the administrative mix in the union perhaps has diluted her support among members throughout the country. However, it is said that she has a lot of disciples in the union and figures to be a tough opponent for whomever else offers for the presidency during the upcoming elections.

Outside of the courthouse in New Providence on Thursday past, Wilson was surrounded by supporters. She provided The Freeport News with a group shot of her nucleus.

In Wilson, what does the BUT have?

For sure, she is proactive. She is a strong leader and not afraid to tackle the politicians for union benefits. She has shown a penchant though to operate within a tight administrative circle and some executives have felt left out of the loop. She has been accused and suspended for making decisions without following the process as laid out in the union constitution.

The BUT voting is coming up at a time when the nation at large is gearing for general elections.

Wilsons’ eligibility will certainly cause teachers throughout the land to be additionally excited. By her own words, she is “cautiously optimistic.” Nevertheless, Wilson has sent out a signal that she still feels well connected.

Apparently she has been keeping in touch with teaching colleagues.

“I have been able to give advice, help persons with terms and conditions of their employment, assist persons drafting letters, been involved in discussions with the Public Service and been able to counsel persons who have had relatives sick or die.

“I have been able to remain relevant and in communication despite my suspension. What I can say, however, is that I am running on my record of service to the members, which has not been perfect but has been consistent and effective,” Wilson said during a Freeport News interview.

 She sounds a bit more humble. That might work well for her. April 7 is less than a month away. We understand that in Grand Bahama, the campaign has started in earnest.


Published Monday, March, 13, 2017

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