Sexual abuse awareness advocated

Grand Bahama Christian Council President Rev.  Dr. Robert Lockhart was prominent during Thursday’s “Stop Child Molestation” rally which began in the precinct of the Garnet Levarity Justice Centre.

With a bull horn Rev. Lockhart called for mass support in the battle against those who engage in harm to young children and he challenged members of the public with knowledge of perpetrators, to report them to the Police.

“If you know it and do not report it, you are participating in that crime. We all need to make sure that our children are protected in every way. We are called to love them, train them, protect them, educate them and teach them the ways of the Lord,” said the GB Christian Council chief.

We are however, living in a society that appears to condone the hideous acts because of too many instances of silence, despite sexual abuse against an alarming percentage of children. Welfare workers lament the stories of households with suspicious circumstances and obvious signs that are ignored by adults, while the young victims are abused repeatedly, in some cases, for years.

Family members reportedly cover for those guilty of the atrocious acts.

The legal process mandates those with knowledge of the crimes against the young coming forward to give evidence for the record. Officials, dealing with this social malady often come to a roadblock, in trying to get official reports that could lead to arrests and subsequent imprisonment.

Sadly, no amount of preaching about the need for awareness and the responsibility of knowing adults, will change the situation unless more people are willing to go forth on behalf of the abused children.

The rally was organized by Prophetess Rosalita Reckley and we applaud her for the public approach. She informed that support for her effort was meaningful and came from a cross-section of society.

“I am overwhelmed. I never thought that when the Lord gave this to me that the support from the community and the Church, at large, would be to this extent. That tells me the depth of the disease in our country,” she said.

The march began at the Levarity Justice Centre and climaxed at the Harold de Gregory Complex. Signs carried included: We Will Be Silent No More; Parents and Guardians Must Be Held Accountable; Stop The Incest In The Country; and We Plead The Blood of Jesus.

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