Road works in Hunters appealing

For the most part, the Grand Bahama Port Authority’s (GBPA) Maintenance Division looks after the repairs of roadways in Freeport proper and outlying settlements. It is a tall order the GBPA is tasked with on an ongoing basis, in trying to recapture the pristine character, Freeport and much of the wider island was once known for.

It is therefore noteworthy when others get into the act, to supplement the great body of work the GBPA is largely responsible for.

We thus compliment Central Grand Bahama Member of Parliament Iram Lewis, the highly-rated Bahamas Striping Group of Companies (BSGC), and Ministry of Works personnel who engaged in a road works project in the settlement of Hunters.

The front-page co-lead story inThe Freeport News carried the details on Tuesday.

BSGC’s hierarchy executives were on island to spearhead the cold patch works, utilizing their expertise/technique, geared for longevity. Ensuring the proper process were BSGC Chief Executive Officer Atario Mitchell; Managing Director Dr. Allen Albury and Senior Vice President Dominic Sturrup.

Lewis and ministry employees were present of course and the MP made an interesting acknowledgement. He was frank in disclosing that the application of cold patch to roadways had been done in the wrong way for years.

“One of the things we noticed over time was that we continuously used cold patch and immediately after a downpour of rain, the cold patch material washed out and you had to beg for more of the cold patch.

“I observed this for years, whereby the application was being done incorrectly. So, Bahamas Striping Group of Companies came to Grand Bahama to train the Ministry of Works employees how to properly apply the cold patch,” disclosed the area MP.

This is a good bit of networking.

The shortcomings of the ministry’s work teams have been finally recognized. No negative or embarrassing attitude resulted, and MP Lewis ushered in a wholesome partnership on behalf of the residents of Hunters and others who drive through the area.

By utilizing the technique shown them by BSGC experts, the Ministry of Works’ employees are now able to bring about the quality bonding of the cold patch to the holes and crevices, which should result in a much longer life span.

BSGC continues to be sensational in its area of expertise throughout the country.

MP Lewis continues to be proactive in attending to his constituency.

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