PM Christie acts in desperation

Without a doubt, Prime Minister Christie has seemed in recent times, quite the desperate man, yet heavy with arrogance. Based on his utterings, we have formed the view that Christie believes only he can deliver victory at this time for the Progressive Liberal Party.

We don’t think he has confidence in Obie Wilchcombe, Shane Gibson, Dr. Bernard Nottage, Jerome Fitzgerald, Fred Mitchell etc. Our strong view is that he really doesn’t see them as being capable of winning an election at this time.

Then, he makes the brazen statement that he will decide when to pass on the PLP leadership baton.  Just who does he think he is? The man personifies arrogance. Still, he appears to be desperate. We believe that deep down inside, Christie fears being beaten by Dr. Hubert Minnis.

It is for this reason he is focusing his campaign on bashing Dr. Minnis. It’s just as well. He has brought the situation to this. He wants the voters to choose between he and Dr. Minnis. We think it is a slippery slope he is on.

Here is the man who gives the finger for the world to see. It was a disgraceful act and reframed forever his once wholesome character. Now, the world knows that such a nasty gesture is a part of him. We always knew he could get down and dirty when cornered politically. But, still, in the past he had managed to give off the cool aura. Christie had gained respect even from distractors for his demeanor.

Now, though, the “finger” act has stamped him.

So, he has to know that when he says that Dr. Minnis has “not demonstrated any degree of capacity to govern,” that Bahamians are making the comparison for themselves. They see him as a man who has botched major national issues over and over during this, his second term as prime minister of the country.

Bahamians see Dr. Minnis as inexperienced, yes, in comparison to Christie, but much more refreshing. The key to the general elections result will be just how many Bahamians are willing to give the leadership of Dr. Minnis a try because they have simply had enough of Perry Christie’s governance.

Christie seemingly seeks to portray Dr. Minnis as being politically incompetent. Well, Dr. Minnis surely must have some level of competence, fortitude, resilience and confidence, having survived all that has been thrown at him from outside and within. His capacity, instinct, for survival alone, gives him merit, we think.

With Christie, a lot has been kept from the nation. Much remains unanswered regarding national issues. Christie hasn’t appeared to grasp the fact that all national issues are every bit the business of the people.

But, here he is seizing on the opportunity to pin his political future on the comparison between he and Dr. Minnis.

He looks the desperate man indeed.

Let’s see how the situation plays out.


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