PLP ignoring Grand Bahama?

There is the general feeling in this island that the Progressive Liberal Party patronizes Grand Bahama at best.

Prime Minister Perry Christie does seek to endear listeners, whenever he has a platform in Grand Bahama. In truth though, the governing party demonstrates an air of disinterest in Grand Bahama.

We want to be quite clear here.

We refer not to the Government of The Bahamas, presently controlled by the PLP. We speak of the party itself, as a separate organization. It’s almost as though Grand Bahama is treated with disdain. For instance, the party in touting the accomplishments of the government’s BAMSI program, heralds the development in New Providence, complete with full-page color advertisements.

Grand Bahama seems to have been left out of the picture. It is a safe bet that few people in this island are aware that there is in fact a BAMSI program in Grand Bahama. The BAMSI President Godfrey Eneas came on island and made a big play about the agriculture program here. The Grand Bahama Port Authority donated property for the project.

What is going on with BAMSI in Grand Bahama?

As far as the PLP party is concerned, it is not a vibrant inactive entity in Grand Bahama. The party is a major force in New Providence with Chairman Bradley Roberts as the prime catalyst.

In Grand Bahama, the Government of The Bahamas carries the load for the party. There are very few PLP events. Those who support the party are disillusioned and resigned to their fate. There is this singular approach to what happens in the name of the PLP in this island.

The PLP developments are obviously beyond the control of the many supporters but determined by a mere few and in some cases, it seems a single person, on the back of the government. Even Dr. Michael Darville, Minister for Grand Bahama, appears on occasions to be distanced from matters that are directly linked to the PLP in Grand Bahama.

It’s as if the party has no respect for the majority of its boosters, past and present and in essence, the relationship to Grand Bahama continues to deteriorate. It’s an ironic situation. Dr. Darville the MP for Pineridge and West Grand Bahama/Bimini Member of Parliament Obie Wilchcombe continue to maintain a meaningful connection to their respective constituents and the wider Grand Bahama.

However, the PLP as an organization is not looked upon positively by a lot of Grand Bahamians.

This is so because, quite frankly, the party is out of touch. We admit to the complexity of the situation. It would be untrue to say that the Christie Government has not been paying, at least, adequate attention to Grand Bahama. As aforementioned, Dr. Darville and Wilchcombe, though with their share of detractors, have been legitimate stalwarts in many instances.

 The PLP organization, however, viewed separately, is proving to be a sour taste for an increasing number of this island’s residents.

 It just seems like the PLP is not particularly Grand Bahama-friendly. 


Published Wednesday, March, 15, 2017

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