PLP, FNM push other political forces away

The governing Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) and the Official Opposition Party, the Free National Movement (FNM), have virtually grabbed a stranglehold on the political arena, with the general elections fast approaching.

The Gatekeepers and Pastor Jeremiah Duncombe; the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) and Branville McCartney; the United Democratic Party (UDP) and Greg Moss; Loretta Butler-Turner and the Gang of Seven estranged FNMs; have all been pushed far in the background. The national campaign in a real sense has narrowed down to a battle between the PLP and the FNM.

Several weeks ago, six high echelon members of the DNA were ready to break away from McCartney and his loyal associates. This development was subsequent to Businessman and activist Ethric Bowe withdrawing his name from the list of DNA candidates. Now, The Freeport News understands there are eight DNAs in talks with the FNM, to officially join up and lend support leading up to the general elections.

In Grand Bahama, the DNA is pretty much a non-entity. The chosen candidates are not making any waves. It is highly unlikely the DNA will have the kind of impact as in 2012 when the party garnered more than eight percent of the votes.

Greg Moss, out on a limb, with the UDP not gaining any inroads whatsoever and far behind in the battle for Marco City, last week pulled out of front line politics. The remaining UDPs are not considered a factor, as a group or singularly.

Butler-Turner will probably follow the route Moss took. She has dug a deep political hole for herself. Reportedly, she is considering contesting the Long Island seat as an independent. The minute she officially puts anything on paper, a flyer or a poster etc. she will be opposing the FNM ratified candidate Adrian Gibson. 

At that moment, according to the FNM Constitution, she will automatically be disconnected from the party.

 As an independent, her chances are slim to none. She is best off following Moss and positioning herself to revitalize her political profile down the road. The rest of the Gang of Seven have dropped under the radar to the point of no longer being relevant to the immediate future of politics in The Bahamas.

 So, the two heavyweights will go at each other once again. Ironically despite the major discord among the opposition forces, inclusive of the FNM, not too long ago, Dr. Hubert Minnis figures to see a much lower opposition vote fall-away than his predecessor, Hubert Ingraham in 2012.

 Based on the present trend, there will be more opposition dropouts coming up. Indeed, the campaign is boiling down to a fight between those who wish to go “all the way” and the “Change Team” that believes “It’s the People’s Time.”


Published Monday, March, 20, 2017

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