Old Bahama Bay remains operational

Scores of Old Bahama Bay employees and other associated vendors got a scare on Friday when a security company sent representatives, who were accompanied by police officers, to close operations.

Fortunately, the situation was sorted out (see story on page 1) and for the time being, the income generated by the Bahamians in the workforce who depend upon Old Bahama Bay, will continue.

The Freeport News appeals to the Government of The Bahamas to intervene in the battle of investors in the extreme West End of the island, with the full interest of the Old Bahama Bay employees in mind.

The court battle is a furious one between Island Venture Resort and Club (owner of Old Bahama Bay) and proposed investor Grand Palm Beach Acquisitions, a subsidiary of Skyline Investments. Caught right in the middle are the substantive workers and the contract vendors.

The government is aware of the contentious situation. The members of the West End community, where the economy is fueled by the salaries from Old Bahama Bay, are depending upon the government to mediate the matter, in a manner whereby jobs are not interrupted for even a day.

The Freeport News spoke to Minister of State in the Grand Bahama Office of the Prime Minister, Senator Kwasi Thompson, and he was very careful. For the record, he acknowledged only being hopeful that the employees would not have any prolonged difficulties regarding their job placements.

In recent times, successive governments have had to walk a tight rope with investors. When there are feuding investors, the scenario becomes that much more complicated for the politicians.

The West Grand Bahama fear of decreased jobs is real.

There is no certainty that Old Bahama Bay might not have to cease operations for a period. One party has been asked to vacate and make way for the other. They are both holding fast to their convictions.

Ultimately, the court will decide.

It would be good for the Old Bahama Bay employees, no matter the legal circumstances, if somehow the government could arrange for a compromise between the warring investors that would enable the workers to stay in place.

That might be far-fetched.

Like Minister Thompson, the workers and their dependents understandingly are hopeful.

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