Murder at Gov. House demands sense of urgency

There was the press conference headed by Minister of National Security Marvin Dames in the aftermath of the murder of Royal Bahamas Defence Force Petty Officer, actually on the grounds of Government House, in the capital Island of New Providence, on Sunday.

“This particular incident, of course, is of serious concern to the government and we will be looking at it in depth to find out exactly what happened, why it happened, and if there were any breaches or failures, to address them aggressively,” said Minister of National Security Dames in part, on Sunday during the conference.

His approach seemed so clinical. No doubt, his intent was different, but Dames appeared to be dispassionate. Given his comments following such an egregious occurrence, the emotion expected, under the circumstances, was not in evidence.

We think the situation calls for calmness, yes indeed, but more passion. Bahamians across the length and breadth of this nation ought to have been caught up in the sense of urgency, upon hearing what the nation’s security chief had to say.

Nothing is sacred any more in New Providence, it seems. The sanctity of the most highly-regarded residence in the island was criminally invaded.

If the Governor General, Her Excellency Dame Marguerite Pindling, now has to feel some concern for the fullest of security within the precinct of her state residence, then, what next?

We want to just empathize a portion of Minister Dames’ comments. He said that “if there were any breaches or failures.” Well, most definitely there was a breach. The system failed. There is nothing to wonder about in this case. The reality is crystal clear. It speaks to the careless manner in which entities of the state, structures and personnel, are secured. The general security of the same, is appalling.

How far inside of the precinct could the perpetrator have gotten on Sunday around 3 a.m.?

It looks liked security was so relaxed, one could have had a run of the entire complex.

Now, as a result of the lack of security efficiency, a family is without a father. An important law enforcement agency is without a quality officer.

Our security system has been exposed once again.

Will it make a difference?

Hopefully, yes.

The powers that be are challenged to address the security system of the nation and make the appropriate adjustments.

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