GBPC readiness commendable

Grand Bahama’s residents were fortunate that Hurricane Irma made a major shift that favored this island and most of the rest of the central and north Bahamas islands. As a result, we were spared the kind of catastrophic damages that Hurricane Matthew, inflicted some 11 months ago.

However, even if Irma had hit with the ferocity, as did Matthew, it appears the Grand Bahama Power Company would have been up to the task, just as was the case last October. Recently in this space we spoke to the preparedness of GBPC. The company’s performance over the weekend when Hurricane Irma threatened was true to form.

GBPC fulfilled expectations. We think it is noteworthy to inform our readers of the extent to which the power company goes to ensure best practice and continuity of service. GBPC’s approach is refreshing indeed. Just prior to the arrival of Irma in our area, GBPC President and Chief Operating Officer communicated to the Freeport News, the following:

“At GB Power we subscribe to a special meteorological service that provides us great detail on what we can expect from approaching weather systems. We get updates every four hours. The model will predict the intensity of the storm that we will feel here in Freeport (and another report for High Rock). We use this information to make decisions on resource needs, damage expectations etc.”

This way, GBPC is able to stay on top of the weather situations and is thus able to instruct work crews accordingly. As our front-page lead story today indicates, over 90 percent of consumers were with service over the weekend. In recent years, the GBPC has evolved to an acknowledged consumer-friendly entity that is appreciated throughout the island.

Once a target of consistent protests, GBPC is now a shining example of a company that partners with its customers in their best interest. The hurricane season is upon us and it is reassuring to know that readiness, always, is a priority for GBPC. Right on the heels of Hurricane Irma came Hurricane Jose. Fortunately, Jose is moving away from The Bahamas and the rest of the Caribbean. Jose grew into a category four hurricane with maximum winds of 130 miles per hour. It is looking like, in this region, we are in for quite an active hurricane season.

In Grand Bahama, it is therefore good and quite comforting to know that Collins and his power team remain focused on preparedness. On the other hand, we advise consumers to manage their power supplies prudently to lessen the burden on the GBPC. The high cost in power bills could be avoided if consumers adhere to cost-saving methods that have long been advocated by GBPC.

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