FNM, PLP face off tonight in GB

Tonight will present the first real gauge for how the political winds are blowing in Grand Bahama. The governing Progressive Liberal Party and the Official Opposition Party, the Free National Movement, are having opposing events, scheduled for the very same start times, 7 p.m.

The Free National Movement got on the inside of the political track here in Grand Bahama and planned a grand Candidates Roll Out Rally. It is set for the old bowling alley property, off East Sunrise. The event is to be somewhat of a large-scale social meet and greet affair, heavily flavored of course with politics.

We have been told that this will be the first occasion for the entire FNM family in Grand Bahama to connect with leader Dr. Hubert Minnis and the rest of the party’s upper echelon group.  Actually, it figures to amount to the official FNM “campaign 2017 roll out” in Grand Bahama.

No doubt the PLP reacted to the FNM.

Hearing of the major FNM push in GB, the PLP national decision makers came up with a major religious service. This event is scheduled to take place at the Jubilee Cathedral. Bishop Godfrey Williams is slated to be the host. Although at a church setting, there will be a heavy political influence and in a partisan way, we think.

The crowds at the respective events will give a good indication as to how Grand Bahamians are rolling at the present. To be truthful, only Dr. Michael Darville (Pineridge) and Obie Wilchcombe (West Grand Bahama/Bimini) have been prominent as 2017 candidates for the PLP thus. Those two have been virtually, collectively the prime PLP identity in this campaign cycle.

On the other hand, Iram Lewis in Central Grand Bahama, was on the ground quite early for the FNM. Peter Turnquest of course, has remained a fixture in East Grand Bahama since 2012. Frederick McAlpine has been making inroads in Pineridge. Michael Pintard casts a large shadow in Marco City.

It is being said that his real fight is more against the entire PLP machinery inclusive of an Urban Renewal 2 (Grand Bahama Version), rather than the opposing candidates, Norris Bain for the PLP, Greg Moss for the United Democratic Party and Nevar Smith of the Democratic National Party.

A lot of excitement has been building in Grand Bahama in regards to the announced FNM rally since last week.

 On Tuesday when the news circulated about the PLP religious service, the excitement island wide, intensified.

We suspect there will be overflowing crowds at both events tonight. Hopefully, the GB Police Department will ensure that there is manpower sufficient, to keep the peace. These are excitable times and it is our wish that all goes well tonight.

The political battle between the PLP and the FNM is on indeed!


Published Friday, March, 17, 2017

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