Carnival noted for credibility

Carnival is not a name that is new to Bahamians of older generations.

Indeed, there are many still around today, with vivid memories of experiences at, or knowledge of Carnival Crystal Palace, the hotel arm of Carnival Cruise Lines that opened with much fanfare some four decades ago on the Cable Beach Strip in New Providence.

It added much glamor to the strip and greatly enhanced the hospitality industry in The Bahamas. Carnival Crystal Palace was the big hotel brand, followed by Atlantis and now Baha Mar. There are those who recall Carnival Founder Ted Arison and his impasse with the then Prime Minister, Sir Lynden Pindling.

For many of the younger age sets in this island, however, the recent announcement of a proposed cruise port in East Grand Bahama, and the illegal dumping that landed Carnival in the courts, are all they know of the giant worldwide cruise brand.

There is therefore, a thirst in many, for full knowledge about Carnival Corporation.

We can verify that Carnival Corporation is a responsible organization that evolved out of Carnival Cruise Lines, with a history of credibility. That’s what we can say about Carnival Corporation today.

However, it is imperative for Carnival to interact more substantively with the Grand Bahamian public, by way of information regarding its plans going forward, and how it will respond to the illegal dumping charges in Bahamian waters.

GB residents are curious, particularly because of the silent approach the government takes to many national issues of high importance. In this space, we have sought to guide the delivery of pertinent information to Grand Bahamians, that they and others in the wider interest pool, deserve to have.

In this light, Carnival Corporation would do well to be a bit more communicative with residents of the island in which a major cruise port is planned. We suggest a respectful relationship with Grand Bahamians in order for them to be comfortable about the big investor, proposed to come on stream.

There are some questions being asked, regarding the illegal dumping, and further updates are desired about the cruise port in the east.

We support the partnership between Carnival Corporation and the Government of the Bahamas, particularly regarding the planned mega development near the University of Bahamas (UB) complex out east. 

The advice goes out though, for Carnival Corporation to focus on a very strong communication arm.

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