Butler-Turner ideal for political arena

The view held here is that it is indeed encouraging that such as Loretta Butler-Turner and Branville McCartney have surfaced of late, making political statements.

Just as the country needs as many of its bright minds to take their positions in various professions, to best foster growth of a nation, so do we need the quality politicians to be active in the arena. Politics is a cruel game it must be acknowledged. It brings the mighty down to their knees.

A political power one day, and the next day a misfit, is the fear politicians have to live it. Even more so than McCartney, Butler-Turner is the ultimate example of how easy it is for politicians to find themselves far on the outside.

The nation suffers though, when those who are able to play the brand of politics that results in captivating the masses of the voters, are not the brightest minds, not the really astute individuals.

So, we end up with a Butler-Turner ostracized.

Butler-Turner, after losing the battle for leadership of the Free National Movement, was excluded from the party she was brought into with fanfare by Hubert Alexander Ingraham, a past three-time prime minister. Her political pedigree is upscale. It’s as high end as one could get. She has a strong personal political résumé.

There is no doubt that Butler-Turner is ideal for the political arena.

She has learned some lessons during the last two years that should serve to make her even more compelling if she ever decides to go into frontline politics again.

What are the options of such as Butler-Turner and McCartney?

The Bahamas is largely a two-party system. 

Have the two burned the bridge that connected them to the Free National Movement, the present governing party?

Is there a chance for either to get into the Progressive Liberal Party fold?

Perhaps the PLP is more possible for Butler-Turner. She does have strong PLP roots and could make a contribution to that brand which is at is weakest these days.

But, who knows?

We have noted some signs of renewed interest on the part of Butler-Turner and McCartney. They certainly would enhance the political arena if they step forward once more.

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