Investments and Rentals

3 BEDROOM, 2 Bath Single family Home, 1600sq ft.
Windsor Park. Asking: $170.000 o.n.o Contact: 559-6638 or (954)-323-2246

DUPLEX LOT Bahamia $26,000. Multi Family lots Bahamia $45,000 1.12 Acres. Caravel Beach $28,000. Single Family Lots Grasmere $20,000 Yeoman Wood $15,000 Hudson Estate $15,000. 352-6572/441-5621

LUXURY 3 bedroom excutive house, fully furnished, large back entertaining patio, near golf course, Port Lucaya, shopping mall and minutes from the beach. Call:443-5868 or 602-1782 ask for Ms Bain.

IDEAL SPOT for Church/Convenience Store or beauty salon.
Starting at $600 power in- cluded.

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