Weekend soccer at the YMCA poised for an incredible comeback

Pictured are Donny Knowles, Shakeitha Henfield, Karon Pinder-Johnson and Mary Woodside-Knowles, who are all pleased with the new partnership and the YMCA field’s facelift.

The YMCA Soccer League continues to be one of the main staples of the organization. But now, with the addition of the Girls’ Developmental Soccer League, soccer at the ‘Y’ got a lot more interesting. Founders Donny and Mary Knowles, along with Executive and Program Directors Karon Pinder-Johnson and Shakeitha Henfield, respectively, met with members…
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2017 GBSSAA Girls’ Volleyball Review Key story lines, players and teams watch

Bishop Michael Eldon School coaching staff.

Can Bishop Michael Eldon junior girls win another title? The Bishop Michael Eldon Junior Girls’ Volleyball Team will begin the mission of trying to win their second straight volleyball championships, when the season tips off on Tuesday, September 26, 2017. Bishop Michael Eldon comes in as No.2 in the Grand Bahama Volleyball Rankings, behind…
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Rising Stars, Reds and Eleutherans crowned champions in One Pitch Tournament

Ready at bat. Rising Stars, Reds and Eleutherans crowned champions in One Pitch Tournament.

It was an action packed weekend for softball teams that came together in an effort to raise funds for one of the “Godfathers” of local softball, Greg Christie. The One-Pitch Benefit Tournament went on without a hitch this past Friday and Saturday, and crowned three champions when it was all said and done. The Rising…
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