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Government has sports leverage

It is necessary, what Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis’ government is doing, examining previous spending habits, purportedly on behalf of the Bahamian People. Already, alarming details have been uncovered and subsequently presented to the general public, by members of the Minnis Cabinet. This is the way to go. The government, in laying the foundation for…
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National responsibility goes along with “elite status” financial benefits

Michael Pintard, Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture

In this space, I always champion the cause of the athletes. I think that is imperative because, generally, there is the tendency for Bahamians to take our elite athletes for granted. Expectations are high, sometimes with little consideration for the hard work necessary for world elite performances to be attained and maintained. I wish to…
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Gardiner, a reminder of Avard Moncur

Steven Gardiner and Avard Moncur

Steven Gardiner reminds me, of Avard Moncur. They are both tall sprinters. Moncur once was the heir apparent to the great Michael Johnson, in 2001, a graceful striding runner, tall (just a bit under 6-4) sprinter who shocked the world and won the International Association of Athletics Federation’s (IAAF) 400 meters world championship that year.…
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National Sports Authority failed Family Islands

THE NSA has fine offices in the Thomas Robinson National Stadium

Since it came into being, going on 10 years now, the National Sports Authority (NSA), although going through millions of dollars provided by taxpayers, has failed miserably to live up to its responsibilities regarding sports properties in the Family Islands. The NSA, especially in recent times, has concentrated virtually just on government sporting facilities in…
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