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Walter Parker Primary celebrates Sports icon Sir Durward Knowles

Today, at the Walter Parker Primary School in Grand Bahama, the entire population of students and teachers will be celebrating Sir Durward Knowles Day. It is just one of the many tributes being paid to the “Sea Wolf” during his centennial year. Ironically, with the exception of a few, such as one of the event…
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Donald Thomas still sought after for meets in Europe, Asia, Africa

Donald Thomas

Donald Thomas, the West Grand Bahama native who emerged in 2004 as a world elite high jumper, subsequently won the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) High Jump World Championship in 2007, and ever since has been a feature product at meets in Europe, Asia and Africa. Indeed, he has been constantly put on the…
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Upcoming Carifta event puts difficult hurdle before BAAA

JUNIOR TRACK AND FIELD – Pictured above is the sample of junior athletics The Bahamas counts on. The BAAA is obligated to give our young boys and girls the best opportunities to excel.

The Bahamas Swim Federation has powered its way to being on top of the Caribbean region. Earlier this year, Team Bahamas had a combined points total of 799.5 in a decisive triumph. Guadeloupe (662) was second and the Cayman Islands (621.5) finished third. Even, the now struggling national boxing program can claim that before the…
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Major determined to take full advantage of late opportunity

Meacher Major is eagerly awaiting the opportunity to climb back in the ring, this time to battle for the Commonwealth Caribbean Zonal Light Championship. His proposed opponent is Dexter Gonzalez of Guyana.

Eleven years ago at the ripe boxing age of 24, Meacher Major became the World Boxing Association Caribbean Federation (FEDICARIBE) lightweight champion. It appeared at the time, that the young Bahamian boxer would use that achievement as a springboard to greater fistic accomplishments. Disappointments set in. He became disillusioned with how his career was being…
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